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Have It All 2019

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


The story of how this all came to be, and my invitation to you:

In 2014, when I was writing Women, Food, And Desire, I told my agent that I wanted to write a book that would help any woman* who wanted to love her body, feel deeply satisfied in her life, and worthy of her desires.


In short, the woman* who wants it all…

…in her own way, in her own time, without the frantic energy of a giant clock ticking down.


In the last 5 years, thousands of women have read the book, joined my coaching programs, and all of them have a similar stories:


We do want it all, but we already feel like we’re doing it all.

We deeply desire to lead + live with real authenticity…and deeply fear being mocked or made fun of for it.

We want to embrace the good stuff we already have,  and stop suffering from not-enoughness.

We want life to feel better, but want to do less.

We want to achieve something meaningful, without constant activity.

We are on the Warrior’s path to finally feel at home in our own skin.

We want deep, delicious satisfaction…

…and to feel like we deserve it.


And the full extent of our desires feel conflicting:

Freedom and security

Deep connection and independence

Spaciousness and Productivity + Achievement

Being liked by friends and the safety to be vulnerable

Growth and peace

Energy and calm

Well-being, health, and pleasure

Safety and wildness


The push-pull between these paradoxical desires makes us feel stuck. Anxious. Not only do we not know which step to take first, we don’t have a model for how to create a life that speaks to our unique circumstances and goals.


And we often lack the support we need to take actions outside our comfort zone.  To do things differently, to have a life we’ve never known, we all need help, and to take a leap of faith knowing we have people who will cheer us on, win, lose, or draw…


We need to learn how to dance, back and forth, between the opposites we desire, while we find the illusive balance — our version of “it all.”

This is the support, community, mentor, and adventure you’ve been waiting for. This is the invitation to create it all, your way, with diving timing…


You somehow made it here, reading this, because you’re ready for change. Not just a list of new year’s resolutions that don’t make it through the winter, but sustainable, juicy transformation…

…that has a real ROI, in every area of your life, with the energy of Life supporting you.



The 8 Foundations of Fulfillment are the sum of my 17 years as a mentor and coach. These foundations will be our guides through a year of profound discovery, healing, and growth:


  • Get clear on which foods fuel you, and end addiction to foods that drain you
  • Reshape your relationship with food and your body to be kind, healthier, and simple
  • Discover how to enjoy food while also putting your well-being at the top of the priority list
  • Drop the shame, anxiety, and pain about your shape and weight


  • Master the self-love practices that heal and energize your personal and professional life
  • Experience how to balance your own self-care with the care for others in your life
  • Reshape your relationships that need tending, mending, or ending
  • Let go of attachments to entanglements and identities that are in the way of your true desires


  • Begin to let go the stranglehold of perfectionism
  • Feel calm, graceful, and clear, by knowing and using your inherent strengths
  • Have direct access to your intuition, ending the struggle of self-doubt
  • More positive emotions, more often: joy, gratitude, serenity, pride, accomplishment, satisfaction
  • Have more fun, laughter, and play in your days…and nights


  • Discover how to feel safe being seen, standing out, and how to make it safe for others to also
  • Feel happiness and joy and let it shine throughout your body and being
  • Build bone-deep, unshakable confidence in your body and soul
  • Shake loose anxiety, stuckness, and negative energy for ease, peace, and clarity


  • Reshape your relationship with sensuality and pleasure
  • Feel deserving of and curious about what you desire
  • Discover how to be safe to explore your personal sensual nature
  • Tap into the power of your own innate energy for creativity and courageous action


  • Create your circle of trust, ending feelings of loneliness and separateness
  • Learn how to receive recognition and praise without the burden of guilt or shame
  • Grow your courage and empathy, making you a better leader, friend, and creatrix


  • Bring your unique voice and style to the world, so you feel authentic and truly seen
  • Tap into the limitless well of ideas inside you, ending creative blocks, increasing the value you bring to your work
  • Master the art of making space for your artistic desires
  • Reclaim and express your inner artist for true fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction


  • Strengthen your confidence and self-trust so you walk in the world with grace
  • Believe in your inherent divine nature
  • Reclaim your connection to Life so you feel safe, whole, and supported
  • Create or deepen your own personal spiritual or ritual practices for grounded, loving energy


By integrating different methods, with the cyclical, ancient timing of our lunar clock as our guide, you  will make connections you’ve never made before, which will enable access to parts of your body, mind, and soul that have been asking for healing:


The connections between:

  • food and desire
  • self-worth and busyness
  • your family of origin and current relationship struggles
  • childhood teasing and emotional eating challenges
  • unprocessed emotions and physical pain
  • perfectionism, boundaries and success, and so, so much more.


If you’re here, reading these words, it’s likely that you are sick and tired of wasting energy, money, and precious years of your life on goals that don’t feel 100% authentic to you. Here’s what I know to be true:

When you, and women like you, feel strong, confident, supported and self-loving, the entire world benefits.

When women are healthy and lit up from deep inside, their families and careers thrive.

When a woman, just like you, has it all, feels deserving of what she wants, and stand strongly in her boundaries, a shock wave of positive energy is released into the world — magic happens.


And it all happens in the deep paradox of loving who, where, and what we are right now, while we lovingly commit to our own transformation.

That is the intention behind the Have It All Mentorship.

For you to embrace all that you desire, and enjoy all you already are, with ease, in 2019.


A quickening is happening, a nervous giggle in your stomach: a quiet feeling of hope that asks: is this possible? Is this the right thing for me, now?


I invite you to read all of what this year will entail, and join if it feels right.


Over the last 18 years, I have helped thousands of women*, just like you, to heal and uplevel their relationship with food, their bodies, and their missions, and adopt the science of mindset to reframe the way we think and behave.

Then, in the last few years, I felt a deep need to have more grounding, body-based, physically nourishing practices. For myself, and for the driven, creative women I love to serve.

Living through a series of Cosmic Wake Up Calls (divorce, health crises, losing my mom and a dear friend to cancer in the space of a few months, facing my co-dependent programming) lead me to explore a deeply integrated set of practices including:

  • dance,
  • nature mysticism,
  • positive psychology,
  • what I call “evolved eating,”
  • and many more wells of wisdom that revealed a powerful, basic truth:

We are all whole, capable beings. We are good.

And there is work to be done.


All the thinking and strategizing towards my own goals and those of my clients felt forced, out of alignment, and honestly, too masculine:

It was like trying to bully ourselves into loving ourselves, which doesn’t work.

The foundation of positive psychology is that there is already so much about you that is right:


Instead of thinking: what’s wrong with me, and what do I need to change,

We begin with the honest questions:



It became clear that the womxn* I serve were suffering from the same constellation of issues:

  • Feeling drained and exhausted, using food + caffeine to push through
  • Trying to do everything myself, without asking for help
  • Putting ourselves last
  • Overwhelmed with anxiety or depression (or both)
  • Being too controlling or hypervigilant
  • Beating ourselves up as moms
  • Not knowing how to reach a peaceful place, relying on wine to wind down
  • Stuck in “Good Girl Syndrome,” or Perfectionism
  • Wildly swinging from restricting ourselves to “f*ck it”
  • Poor boundaries and not knowing how to start making them
  • Worrying we’re too emotional, then bursting out in anger
  • Trying to be liked by everyone, and feeling inauthentic to our true selves
  • Feeling alone, without a circle of women who were really safe to be real with


In short, we’ve been trying to live life by other people’s rules, in a forceful, non-loving way, then feeling deeply frustrated and out of connection with ourselves when we don’t follow our desires.

This is how the Have It All Framework came to be.



In this guided 12-month community, we will use the transformational power of true support to clearly see ourselves and our desires, stop doing the things that drain us and distract us, and use the feminine cycles of the moon and the seasons to energetically support us:



Our bodies have energetic alignments called meridians, just as our nervous system has pathways of nerves. Our bodies follow paths and patterns, just like the earth, sun, and moon. Circadian rhythms, seasonal shifts, call them what you will — if you feel out of step with life’s rhythm, you’re not alone, and this is the answer:

We spend too much time in our brains, thinking linearly, and not enough time in our bodies, experiencing the ebb and flow of Life. When our minds take us out of sync, we become lost, disconnected from our intuition and sense of self.

This causes a lack of self-trust, and we can’t stand firm for our boundaries or commitments because we aren’t connected to them.

What helps us to tune us back to ourselves and our personal knowing?

  • Listening.
  • Slowing Down.
  • Getting lunar, cyclical, and seasonal.
  • Communing with nature.
  • Connecting with other women we can trust.
  • Hearing how our bodies respond to small changes.
  • Getting into our bodies, and out of our heads.


The tools and timing of the Have It All Mentorship are designed to help you come back into harmony with yourself, so that you can create the unique work that can only be borne through you.

Through soulful lessons and tiny shifts, discussion, meditation, dance, cyclical planning, and science-based tools of positive psychology coaching, we will step into a year-long adventure of recreating our individual lives.

We will embrace our strengths, put a premium on celebrating our successes, and evolve how we nourish ourselves, from how we eat, to how we adorn our bodies, and honoring our intuition.

You want a clarity, self-knowing, and confidence so you can show up as bright, unique, and authentic as you know, deep down, you could be.


So what will it take to get you where you want to go?  What is The Have It All Mentorship?

To have the simultaneous professional, personal, physical, and spiritual growth that you desire? To have it all, with less effort, and more joy?


Friend, I got you… we got you:

I’ve been called a lot of things…A Tough Love Cheerleader. Glinda The Good Witch. 

Intuitive Guide + Mindset Mentor. Health, Life, And Success Coach. You get all of me.

PLUS the cycles of Nature’s Stopwatch: The Moon + Seasons.

AND a delightful, inspiring group of women who share your values of authenticity, love, growth, gratitude, health + success.

And you’re invited.

So, who am I?

I’m Alexandra Jamieson (you can call me Alex), a master coach + mentor to the driven, creative, professional womxn* who wants it all… her version of “all.”


  • My passion is helping women/womxn* (because we are an open-minded, inclusive bunch) bring their full selves out to play. Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own successful circus while raising the kids, or a heart-centered corporate badass doing things just a bit different from the rest of the crowd, your desires are powerful…and deserve to be honored + created.
  • I spent years as a professionally trained, health-supportive chef + holistic health coach, helping womxn discover their perfect balance of Evolved Eating for well-being and truly yummy food.
  • I co-created, co-produced, and co-starred in the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, which changed the conversation about corporate fast-food culture, the obesity epidemic, and how we “do” food. (I even walked the red carpet and sat on Oprah’s couch.)
  • 5 best-selling books and 1 top-rated podcast later, my own passion for learning and creating knows no bounds. Insightful connections, powerful conversations, and stacks of books are a few of my favorite things.
  • In 2015 I was Certified in Applied Positive Psychology, and have spent thousands of hours helping womxn to transform their mindset + thought habits to be growth-filled, self-compassionate, resilient, and success oriented.
  • Finally, there’s my passion for our bodies. Our human, wise, magical, pleasure-seeking bodies. Through dance, creative expression, nature, and sensual gratification, the path to healing, self-knowing, and success simply must include a loving, joyful relationship with your physical self.


This Have It All Mentorship is the culmination of 17 years of coaching experience, and leading dozens of retreats. It truly is the best offer I could create:

The 2019 Have It All Mentorship is a 12-month long gathering and energetic container with a group of up to 50 women who are going to be your mirrors + soul-friends, led by me.

On January 5th, the first New Moon of 2019, we begin with our first 2-hour virtual “retreat.” We will gather as a group online using Zoom, a video-conference tool. (It’s super easy, and you can dial in via phone if you prefer.)


Every Full and New Moon we will gather, as a group, at 1pm ET.

In each group call, we will spent 1 hour together and move through the 8 Foundations of Fulfillment, the 5 Magic Mirrors, with open space for you to bring your current challenges for coaching.



These foundations encompass our current needs, areas of past-healing, and future desires. They are not exactly a step-by-step process, but instead an interconnected web of priorities that help place control of your life back into your hands.

Every six weeks we will move into the next foundation, meeting again to help each of us uncover an area of challenge or healing. It also includes:


2 Private Coaching Calls with Me

This will be your personal coaching time where you and I dig deep, connect about goals and challenges, and I help you stay accountable to your soul’s desires. One private call before the end of January, and another call in the June or July.

THEN, the work gets super fun, super adventurous, and surprising:


The Retreat

This is very special: I don’t know of a single 12-month long membership that includes an in-person, group day of celebration and learning:


On Saturday, August 17th we will all meet up in person in New York City for a 1-day group adventure of coaching, connection, and discovery.

I’ll finally get to great you face to face, and we’ll… well, read what past group + coaching clients have to say:



“During the retreat, I learned a lot of what’s been holding me back stems from fears that aren’t really all that big of a deal.

One of the biggest takeaways from the retreat is that I don’t have to be perfect to get started. I don’t have to have all the answers–the women and girls I’m writing to wouldn’t want me to anyway. This has been a breath of fresh air, and it helps be push past sticking points.

It was also great to talk about accomplishments in a positive way. We’re so success driven these days that sometimes we skip right past noticing the badass things we’ve already done. The retreat was a great time to pull out accomplishments and start to keep track of them.

I loved not having to make decisions or control what was happening! Alex did push me to say what I wanted more than a few times, but that was a welcome (and necessary) challenge.

The guests she brought in were so fun to work with and really added a whole other level to the experience.

I would simply say this… if you aren’t going to invest in yourself, who will? The whole coaching experience is amplified by the retreat and it’s something most mentors don’t offer. I invested in this program based on my gut, not even knowing all of Alex’s background, and I’m so glad I did. Working with Alex is like therapy, tough love, and an education on what it can mean to have it all, all in one. She doesn’t give you all the answers, she helps you find your own answers, which makes the investment last so much longer. Do it if you can feel yourself wanting more. More self-love, more acceptance, more purposeful action.

~Alyssa Patmos, creator of, Marketing + Copywriting Expert



“I started working with Alex a year ago, and it sounds cheesy but in that 1 year it’s fair to say she has changed my life.  We can’t always get the emotional support that we need from friends and family, and sometimes life drops you down too low to be able to pick yourself back up again.  I came to Alex at one of the lowest points in my life, and she started to build me back up, mind, body and soul. I joined her Vitality Group because I wanted not only her support, but the support of other women who were going through similar challenges, and were ready to change their lives along with me.  Under Alex’s amazing leadership, we went on a journey together that built us into a force to be reckoned with. She gives your inner soul a voice, supports you when you fall, and helps you learn to get yourself back up. I now have the tools I need to navigate the challenges that life throws at me, and even better, thanks to this group, I don’t have to do it alone! I have an amazing group of sincere, passionate, supportive, and wildly different women to walk this journey with, who will help motivate me to accomplish more than I ever thought I could, and I can’t wait to do the same for them.

~ Lissa Dunkerly



“Let me start by saying, Alex is amazing to work with!  Just filling out my application online brought me to tears.  The decision in me joining her group made me feel like I was making a confident and intuitive step in the right direction for my personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  

The group dynamics are fantastic!  I look around at these beautiful souls and ask myself “How did I get so lucky to be in a group of such amazing and uplifting women?”  The answer? “The time is now.”

We need to support ourselves, as women, in finding our voice, empowering each other in leadership, honoring our femininity, and navigating & embracing ourselves in our entirety.  This group has lead me to make bolder choices in my work community because of the diversity in backgrounds and different geographical locations of the women in my group. I no longer make decisions from a place comfort, but from a place of a unified worldly vision.  Why? Because these women inspire me, they challenge me, they support me, and most of all…the celebrate with me!

~ Rhi Popma, Sales Manager of The Year 2018


While other programs that begin in January will promise that you can learn their new system, on your own, and change your body and life in 30 days, I believe there’s a better way. Sure, there are extreme ways to make health and lifestyle changes fast…AND…

The past 17 years of experience has shown me this truth:  you reach your goals with individualized coaching, and a supportive community, in a graceful manner so that you can transform for the long run.

That’s why The Have It All Mentorship is built on a powerful, immersive in-person retreat with a hand-selected group of other women where you actually experience, be, and think in a fun, uplifting way, and regular lifestyle and mindset coaching most people don’t even think about.

The 5 Magic Mirrors are how we will look at ourselves honestly to feed our strength, confidence, achievement, and recognition. They help us answer the all-important questions, “Am I actually living like the type of person I claim to be? Am I making choices that allow me to have MY version of “it all?”

Imagine having your version of it all…

  • a community of inspiring, loving, supportive women
  • embracing your strengths, resources, and abilities with love
  • an easy, delicious relationship with your body and food
  • confidence to speak your mind and grow your success
  • courage to create what you dream about
  • energy, ease, calm, and joy
  • a sense of personal power
  • better relationships with respectful boundaries and intimacy
  • clarity, and a knowing that you have the tools to continue to get clear
  • self-trust, self-knowing, and self-love



“Alex is the coach for me: a sweet soul sister who can also keep time, keep me on track, and cut through the BS. Someone who can listen with compassion but direct with focus. Plan to address body, mind, and soul with her, to use both sides of your brain, and to honor both your feminine and masculine energies.”

~ Robin Rinaldi, Journalist and author of The Wild Oats Project

So many of our woes are caused by forcing ourselves to live in ways that aren’t actually aligned with our own cadence. That forced, linear living has gotten us stuck in:

  • Perfectionism (so we never feel “enough”)
  • Getting to the goal fastest, with toxic competition
  • Devoting our lives to a secure profession and ignoring our true passions
  • Trying to fit in and squashing our individuality
  • Dressing and looking bland instead of colorful and uniquely you
  • Constant pushing, with no time to reflect, relax, and release
  • Fear of being mocked for showing up authentic and vulnerable


To create a different way of being, thinking, and living we need to simultaneously let go of the beliefs that we don’t deserve it, while we build it. That’s why you’ve gotten stuck in the past.

When we believe the false story that we can’t have what we want, our best efforts are sabotaged. With coaching and community, you have support to pay attention to these old habits and make a new choice, with consistency.

This style of coaching uses kaizen, a Japanese word that describes a way of making small, keystone habit changes that impact us as a whole:



Rather than waste so much energy by “leaning in” the Have It All Mentorship is an invitation to a new way of doing, having, and experiencing life:

  • A new way of eating that’s simple, joyful, and nourishing (AKA Evolved Eating)
  • Feeling focused and accomplished and spacious
  • Having space motivation and inspiration for your creativity
  • Enjoying and regularly moving your body in energizing, pleasurable, fun ways
  • A new, supportive community of 50 Womxn where you share your wins + challenges, are seen, recognized, and accepted
  • Love for ourselves, others, our bodies, and our lives
  • Making peace with your past and healing wounds to grow stronger
  • A connection to life that’s bigger than ourselves, in a deeply spiritual way
  • Thinking + talking to ourselves in a clear, kind, and growth-oriented manner
  • A renewed connection with our sensual, sexual selves so that pleasure becomes un-shameable


This is your invitation, to Have It All in 2019. What You Get:


4 Seasonal Meditations

Guided meditations for centering, clarity, and more will drop into your email inbox at the start of each season. Some will include mantras for you to use as you walk through your days, offering a slice of peace and connection to your goals and vision.


4 Movement Videos

Each season, you’ll receive a new video of my own free-form movement practice that is do-able no matter your current level of physical ability. The focus is simply to move in ways that feel good to you and your body, and the videos will inspire you with music and permission. When you move your body, energy moves in your life.


2 Private Coaching Calls with Me

You and I will connect, privately, via Zoom at the beginning and end of the 12-month journey. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to help us get to know each other, and you’ll get the personalized coaching you desire.


New + Full Moon Group Coaching Calls (22 in total)

Every full and new moon, beginning January 5th, we will meet on Zoom video conferencing platform at 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm GMT.

The video conference call dates are: January 5 + 21, February 4 + 19, March 6 + 20, April 5 + 19, May 4 + 18, June 3 + 17, July 2 + 16, August 17th Full Day NYC RETREAT, September 14 + 28, October 13 + 27, November 12 + 26, December 12 + 26.

These 1-hour calls will include grounding meditations, celebrations, lessons aligned with our Foundations of Fulfillment, questions, and laser coaching. Each call will be recorded so you can download and keep for a lifetime of support. If you miss a call or two, you’ll have the recording to keep on track with the rest of us. We will have only one meeting in August, as we’ll be meeting up in person for the…


1-day NYC Retreat on August 17th!

Plane, train or automobile your way to NYC with the rest of your new HIAM cyber friends. We will gather for a packed day of connection, coaching, and creation. Use the day as an excuse to explore the greatest city on earth for the weekend, and finally meet up with the other womxn you’ve been on this adventure with. Special surprises will be waiting for you, and a hug from me 🙂 (travel, hotel, and meals not included)…



Our group calls happen on each full and new moon. Why?

This group is an invitation to think, act, and create in a new way, more cyclically, with more personal nourishment. To have more ease and grace, and feel more connected to Nature’s rhythms and all of Life. Our bodies already move in cycles, so we will use that natural energy to our benefit.

It also gives us a mix of weekend and weekday meetings, allowing for people with tight schedules to make more live classes. All classes will be audio recorded and you’ll have them emailed to you in case you need to miss a call or two.


Why is the group limited to 50 participants?

Having led groups for over 15 years, I’ve come to discover the structure and size that works best for me and the people who will join. Call it intuition, capacity, and a mix of technological know-how. We may have less, but 50 is the maximum so that I can best support you as an individual and as a group.


What if I miss a few calls?

No one makes every single call. That’s why we offer the audio recording of each New + Full Moon group call within 24-48 hours. You can listen in when you have time, and keep it forever for future reconnection to the material.


I’m shy on group calls – a bit of an introvert – is it ok if I don’t speak up?

Yes. People experience groups and learning in different ways. If you prefer to listen and connect later through the private Facebook group, that’s AOK with me. Not everyone wants to speak up! Just being there, listening in, adds your energy to the group.


What is The Movement like? Do I need special equipment? Do I need to be in shape already?

The Movement videos will be a mix of body-centered meditations and free-form dance with music. This can be done seated, laying down, or standing on two feet, and I’ll offer modifications through the videos. You don’t need to be “in shape,” and can move your body in any way or amount that feels right to you.


How long does the group last, and how long do I have access to the materials for?

The group runs from January 5th, 2019 until December 30th, 2019. You will have access to the materials all year, and can download them all at any time to keep forever. The private Facebook group will close down on December 30th, 2019. (Past members have gone on to continue their own private Facebook groups to stay in touch, which is such a great sign that true friendships and connections happen!)


What if I don’t do Facebook? Is the Facebook group really private?

When we begin, the Facebook group will be Closed, which means you’ll be able to search for it to join, but non members will NOT be able to read any comments. After January 19th, 2019, we will switch the group to SECRET, which means no one outside the group will be able to search for it.

You don’t have to join Facebook. However, a lot of interaction between members and support from me happens here over the year, and we encourage you to set up an account with a nickname and only use FB for connecting with our group every few days, or however often is right for you.

FB is also a place to tag me for questions, get feedback and share wins and celebrations, which are important parts of this program.


Do I have to do everything laid out exactly at the “right time” in the program to get the benefits?

There is no “right way” to do this. In previous groups, members have reported fabulous results and benefits just from being on most calls, from only doing The Movement and meditations regularly, or from a combination of those and the retreat.


Tell me more about the Food Foundation: I’m sick of dieting, but want to eat better… OR… I’m vegan and want to explore adding animal protein…OR… I want to try paleo/Keto, etc.

The Food Foundation will encompass foundational food lessons about evolving how and what we eat, no matter what guidelines you’ve chosen for your body. We will focus on how we feel, simple and seasonal cooking techniques, emotional eating challenges, managing cravings, improving family meals, etc. This is not a weight loss program, but members have reported finding their “happy weight” with less effort, while experiencing greater ease with food.


Tell me more about the retreat on August 17th… I’m nervous about meeting everyone or coming to New York City!

Several women have said the retreat was like 3 years of therapy in one day: the experience of being amongst these women is a healing event in itself. New York City has an energy that some people find fulfilling and others find daunting. Either way, the gathering will be created specifically for the members who attend. (And NO – it isn’t a requirement, though I encourage everyone to do their best to make it.) The day is always wonderful, and members walk away having formed deeper bonds, feeling more connected to themselves and each other. We will help members connect to share hotel rooms and housing if you like.


How much is the investment to join? What are the payment options?

Registration is open December 7th, 2018 – January 2nd, 2019 –  or until we have 50 participants:

One payment of $977, or 12 monthly payments of $90.

We accept major credit cards and debit cards only, and once you choose a payment option, you may change or update one time over the course of the year. In the past I’ve offered Paypal, checks, and any number of payment methods. Since this group has up to 50 members, we had to choose a system and structure that won’t be a burden to our small team.


What’s the refund policy?

The refund policy is that we don’t offer refunds. I’ve run groups for almost 20 years, and have found that offering a refund option allows would-be-members to not fully commit. It degrades the energetic experience for everyone if we have members coming and going.

This program will work if you show up and do the work, in the ways that feel right to you. To honor your intuition, the other members, and the spirit of the program, we ask that you be a ‘yes’ to this experience, and commit to yourself and the process. I am here to guide and support you 100% of the way. I ask that you step up and commit to yourself, your intuition, your vision, and this process 100% as well.


As a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, mother, lover, wife, creatrix, and woman,

I believe you deserve all of what you imagine.



Because I’ve seen it happen countless times: when womxn* get everything we truly want, when we get our version of ‘it’ all, a shock-wave of positive energy is released into the world. A lifting up. A healing, that moves backward and forward in time.

And we need a lot more of that. Now.






P.S. *You’ve noticed a little * by the words woman, women, and womxn. In this work I’m dedicated to creating inclusivity for anyone who identifies as female, regardless of what gender was assigned at birth. This is also a space for anyone feeling their way into what they want for themselves and their bodies.

P.P.S. Questions? Email me directly: support (at) alexandrajamieson (dot) com


2018 Alexandra Jamieson, Photography by Nick Onkin


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