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63 Twenty One Best Tips for Holiday Thriving (and Sanity!)

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Twenty One Tips for Holiday Thriving on The Cravings Whisperer with Alexandra Jamieson

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

I’ve been getting tons of questions from all of you crave bears about how to survive the holidays, how to make healthy eating possible with your crazy schedule, and how to make it through the next couple of months without totally losing your mind.

I hear you! So today’s episode is all about how to survive the holidays with ease and health in mind. Be sure to stick around till the end, because I’ve got 21 tips to help you survive the holidays.

In addition to those tips, I’ve also got a great treat for you: 3 guided meditations to help keep you calm and grounded during this crazy time of year. These meditations and the 21 tips are for you to help you maintain your sanity and even thrive through the holiday season.

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“You being nourished and taken care of during the holidays means that you’ll be more present, more loving, and you’ll have more patience.”  (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • Why you need to not run yourself ragged over the holidays
  • You have to get clear with your partner, family, or whoever you’ll be with during the holidays
  • Why you have to schedule in space and time for you

“Make an intention for yourself: talk about how you want to feel this holiday season.”  (Click to Tweet)

  • Here are 21 tips for surviving and thriving during the holidays
    • 1 Notice how you are feeling
    • 2 Ask for it your way
    • 3 Ask to triple the vegetables
    • 4 When you’re out, be confident to ask about the food
    • 5 Beware of low carb, lite menu options!
    • 6 Ask to box half your entree before it even comes to the table
    • 7 Try doubling your appetizers
    • 8 Order veggies or salad or vegetable soup before ordering anything else
    • 9 Watch out for those add ons in veggie salads
    • 10 Do the fork dip
    • 11 Check out the menu before you even get there
    • 12 Read between the lines
    • 13 Skip the bread basket or chip basket
    • 14 Skip the fancy drinks
    • 15 Trim back on the trimmings
    • 16 Be discerning
    • 17 Don’t skip meals
    • 18 Check it out
    • 19 Add some fun and games
    • 20 Try alternating booze with non-booze
    • 21 Put a limit on the variety

“This all goes back to knowing how you feel in your body, and how you want to feel at the end of the meal.”  (Click to Tweet)

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