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202 Holidays, Feasts, and Family with Leanne Ely

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It’s coming soon—one of the most important meals of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, along with the other opportunities for feasting with friends and family. Today’s show is all about making the most of your holiday feasting celebrations.

Leanne Ely is the founder of SavingDinner.com. Their goal is to bring families closer together by enjoying healthy and easy-to-prepare meals. Leanne shares tips about handling the potential emotional land mines that come up around food and family. We’re even delving into the questions that exist about the historical significance of Thanksgiving—and whether we should even be celebrating this day. We all know that we bond with others over our feasts and celebrations, and Leanne shares with us her resources for Paleo, traditional, and healthy holiday recipes galore.

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Show Highlights:

  • Why we need to look at food as a self-care practice, because of the intimacy and comfort around our food experiences
  • How food became Leanne’s career and a centerpiece of life
  • How Leanne’s life was affected by the influence of her parents and their love of ethnic foods and exotic spices
  • The diet culture, Leanne’s mom, and how her attitude toward food was impacted
  • The fine line between body acceptance and rationalizing where we are
  • Our journey with health and food and why we need to become nutritional experts about what fits for us
  • Why we fall into mindless eating and lose control
  • The path we know: an “uncomfortable comfort
  • Leanne’s Take Back Your Body group and course, and how it began 3 years ago
  • Why we have to accept what our bodies tell us
  • Why Leanne cut out all sugar, dairy, and grains and went into a complete mindfulness focus
  • Today’s moralistic attitude about food
  • Leanne’s food feast traditions for Thanksgiving—make it a non-judgmental place where everyone can eat what they want
  • How to handle your food preferences and limitations with family dinners
  • Alex’s “Friends-giving” meal
  • Re-examining Thanksgiving in light of sensitivity to the plight of Native Americans
  • Why ritual is a foundational human need
  • The opportunities to stimulate our “feel good” feelings with every meal we share with others
  • Gratitude and savoring
  • Recommendations for redefining and healing relationships with the holidays: you may have to be selective about who is at your table
  • Leanne’s resources and recipes for healthy holiday meals
  • Final thoughts about pronouncing grace, thankfulness, and gratitude on your family meals



www.savingdinner.com/thanksgiving    Get Leanne’s menu ideas!

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