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How My Celebrity Friends Handle Their Cravings…And Their Lives

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I love getting inspired by friends who aim higher!

These women inspire me. They’re my friends, guides and creative partners.

When I first started hanging out with JJ Virgin, one of my crave catalysts profiled below, she told me “Hey! Rising tides lift all boats – let’s help each other!”

These women are supportive, playful, powerful and they have cravings.

Cravings for food that they listen to and use to give themselves what they really need and want – at dinner and in life.

I’ve listened to these women when they’ve shared their stories of overcoming health and body challenges with the best diet for their individual diet – in the moment.

Some of them grew famous with one diet and one way of eating and cooking, and evolved as their bodies told them they needed something different.

They inspire me because they didn’t beat themselves up for their cravings…

They don’t make their bodies wrong…

They know how to listen to their cravings and give themselves what they really need…the good stuff…in life and at lunch.


How did you first begin to handle your cravings in order to create the life and body you craved?


Cynthia Pasquella: Cookbook Author & TV Nutrition Expert


“I got comfortable being uncomfortable – it’s when the bigger reasons behind my cravings started coming through that allowed me to finally heal my body and my relationship with food.”


Kate Northrup: Author & GlimpseTV Host


“I learned about the glycemic index and I started eating a low-glycemic diet that didn’t spike my blood sugar. Then the cravings more or less went away because they were being caused by blood sugar spikes and lows.”


Jessica Ortner: Host & Producer, The Tapping Solution


“I first began handling my cravings by letting go of the idea that I needed more “willpower”, instead I began looking closely and addressing the emotions I felt when I had the craving and my desire to turn to food for comfort.” 


Candice Kumai: Top Chef, Cookbook Author & TV Host


“Cravings! Something I’ve been taught to squash since I was a child. Being raised with an incredibly empowering and health-conscious Japanese mother meant learning to create balance early in life. My Mother taught my sister and I to eat, only when you are hungry. Stop, when you are full. I know, this sounds like the obvious; but so many of us fall-short when it comes to just passing on that last course or just one more cocktail. In a world where “more is more,” let’s think about being a minimalist. Where “less is more.”


Nitika Chopra: TV Host & Founder “YourBellaLife.com”


“I went straight to the science of my body.  Some times all the praying, wishing and surrendering in the world isn’t going to make you not want to eat that insanely good piece of gluten free chocolate cake, but when I got to understanding what it does to my immune system to eat sugar (which has always been my greatest craving) it made the journey of releasing the hold that food had on me so much less painful.”


Andrea Beaman: TV Host & Cookbook Author


“The first thing I did to handle my cravings was to recognize that they had nothing to do with physical food. My cravings stemmed from emotions that I wasn’t letting myself feel. Caving into my food cravings, specifically sugar and chocolate, was a way of suppressing my desire to love and be loved. Once I got clear on that, the cravings were still there, but I began feeding them properly. I would call a friend when I was lonely, or I would make a date and visit my nephews when I wanted to play. I was, and always will be, surrounded by love and the ability to love.”



What one thing would you recommend women do/create/have (that worked/works for you) in order to cure their sabotaging food cravings?


JJ Virgin: #1 New York Times Best Seller “The Virgin Diet”


“Eat a protein rich breakfast.  If you start the day with a high carb breakfast or worse yet, no breakfast, you set yourself up for a day full of cravings  Protein is very satiating and helps stabilize blood sugar, especially when combined with fiber and healthy fats. My top recommendation is to start the day with a healthy meal replacement shake – I use a high quality vegan protein blend, unsweetened coconut or almond milk, chia seeds, kale or spinach and berries.”  


Nisha Moodley: Founder of “Fierce, Fabulous & Free


“For most women, there’s something deeper that we’re really craving: connection.  Make a gentle effort to cultivate sisterhood in your life — you’ll satisfy your strong cravings for connection, building a solid sisterhood of support to celebrate your life’s highs and soothe your life’s lows.”


Jenny Sansouci: Founder of HealthyCrush.com


“What works for me is to remember how certain foods make me feel. For instance, I know that sugar makes me feel depressed and too much coffee gives me anxiety, so in the interest of wanting to feel great, I tend to stay away from them. I don’t have time to feel crappy. I still give into cravings, I just try to do it in the nicest way possible – I find healthier alternatives. For instance, I’m a bit of a caffeine junkie, but I stick to yerba mate tea instead of coffee, which has some caffeine but lots of antioxidants, and doesn’t make me feel jittery. Instead of eating processed chocolate that’s full of milk and sugar, I go for raw chocolate.”


These women are at the forefront of a healing, creative, supportive movement to help millions of people end their battle with their bodies, cure their sabotaging food cravings and get the life and body they truly crave.


They’re doing them right. Giving themselves the authentic energy, real food and permission to be themselves every day, in every way. They’re building the lives and health they crave.


Tell me what these women have inspired in you in the comment section here.


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