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How The Creatrix Ends Imposter Syndrome

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How does owning your creativity help you deal with imposter syndrome?

When you embrace the Creatrix energy (noun: she who creates, feminine founder, authoress) in you, bring her to the surface, and give her nourishment and attention, you feel more aligned and integrated.

You’re no longer keeping an important part of you secret. You’re no longer denying part of who you are.

You no longer feel like an imposter because you are more fully yourself.

It’s a totally different approach to ending imposter syndrome.

You feel more confident, capable, worthy of getting paid what you’re worth and asking for what you need and want…

How is imposter syndrome manifesting in your life?

Even the top CEOs, accomplished authors, MDs, PhDs, and successful entrepreneurs I work with suffer from these issues: 

  • Low self-esteem and social anxiety. 
  • Worrying you’re going to fail no matter what. 
  • Devaluing your worth, and not getting paid what you should
  • Analysis-Paralysis, over-preparing, and overthinking
  • Undervaluing and underestimating personal experience and expertise. 

And not only does it impact your self-confidence, energetic presence, and bottom line, but this fear can keep you from taking the necessary risks to further your career and personal growth.

That’s why I do the work I do: I help driven women to embrace their Creatrix and bring their full strengths and talents to their work and life.

Through storytelling, creative writing, painting, dancing, sound healing, soul-conversations, and more, we reconnect you with your talents, strengths, and the divine voice that inspires you.

When we make time and space for our creativity to flourish we feel stronger, more capable, deserving, and resilient. We believe in ourselves. We speak up for ourselves, and ask for more. We GET more, too.

Then, and only then, are we able to have an impact on the world that feels soul and humanity serving.

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