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How to Start… Again [Rich Creatrix]

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


I might rock your world with this bold little truth:

You already have everything you need to start.

  • The podcast
  • The cleanse
  • The book
  • The project
  • The program
  • The company…

And maybe you just heard a “BING!” go off in your head and said “You’re right, Alex! Off I go!”

Nice chatting with you! Can’t wait for you to tag me in an instagram post about what you’re making…

For me, it’s not that easy.

In fact, at times my creative-get-started journey has been torturous.

I’ve been an entrepreneur + Pro-Creator (that’s an independent creative) for 18 years now, making a living coaching, writing, healing, cooking, producing + teaching what I discover and master along the way.

I come from a family of independent artists + creators…

… and there were countless times they scared me to death.

How did my Mom have the guts to open her clothing store featuring her designs – twice – after the first one failed?

How does my uncle have the courage to keep making albums and submitting his art to galleries + get his creations out of his basement into full view of Other People?

How did my grandma Bushka have the heart to start teaching other women to make stained glass?

“Just do it,” they all said. They seemed to have some preternatural confidence in themselves and their work.

My struggles weren’t just how to start something – but how do you make yourself get back up on that horse and try again?

Especially after having already failed at that very thing?

A huge part of becoming a “Successful” Pro-Creative (AKA Entrepreneur – be honest – any kind of entrepreneurial venture requires creativity) is starting.

One of the biggest problems with STARTING is our B!tch Bra!n/fear mind/ego that says:

If you start + fail, you’ll lose everything else you’ve got.

If you start + succeed, you’ll have to change your life + lose everything you’ve got.

If you start, you’ll die alone, unloved, filled with regret, in a van under a bridge.

(I swear – 99% of our fears, if questioned, end in a van under a bridge.)

We worry about making the wrong first step, which causes us to take NO first steps.

Looking back at my 3 examples of amazing independent creatives from my family I see something:

I DO just start things.

All the time….

But I still fight against a culture that says Creators (AKA Artists – AKA Entrepreneurs) will starve.

In this quest we feel to create our own world and work, to discover our true selves through our creativity, we face our darkest fears, shadow selves, and iron-clad limiting beliefs.

Over and over again.

In 18 years of being a coach, writer, healer, producer, podcaster (AKA Pro-Creative), I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep going, and how to make a living while keeping sane. (mostly)

I still fight my own B!tch Bra!n/ego/resistance.

I still fight the fears that say my next idea is the one that will break my bank + I’ll lose my kid, my husband, my home.

But it comes down to a set of learnable skills to help us Pro-Creators:

  • A growth mindset: where you decide you can learn anything you need
  • Resilience: the capacity to recover from challenges + failures
  • Grit: courage + resolve (aka faith+determination)

So what now?

If you’re feeling a tingling excitement (that kind of feels like fear or needing to pee), wondering:

“How can I overcome these brain blocks – this B!tch Bra!n – to get started + cross the finish line?”

I’m here for you with 2 opportunities:

The Rich Creatrix VIP Intensive and Immersions

These two coaching programs are for you if you’re driven, ready to create your next level of success (in a sane, life-affirming way), and really committed to making your dreams happen. NOW.

Go here + download the detailed brochure, then fill out the application so we can connect.

Once I read your application I’ll email you + we’ll set up a private conversation to talk about what you’re ready to begin.. And how I can help you create it.

It’s time.

Let’s get started!


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