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69 Curb Your Cravings: J.J. Virgin

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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Hello my clan of the crave bears! Big news on the home front, I got married! Yep I did! My fiancé and I decided to tie the knot in December. We are still officially getting married wedding style in May. So I’m married and it’s 2016. Welcome to the New Year!

We are going to be talking about cravings, all those things you want and desire and challenges with the cravings, desires and wants. Today our guest is my dear friend JJ Virgin about her new paperback coming out about sugar, diet and about how people can make the diet stick and how we have been getting it wrong.  JJ is a celebrity nutritionist, fitness expert and a little bit of a celebrity herself! She invented the “Virgin Diet” which will be talked about in this broadcast. After you get done listening check out these some sweet bonuses!

Also, just wanted to give everybody a heads up we begin again with the cravings cleanse on January 27th at 9 pm Eastern. Eight weeks of live coaching, group support and accountability. You can go to to check out the program and sign up. Can’t wait to see you there!


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“If there was a drug that did the things that sugar does it would be outlawed” – JJ Virgin (Click to Tweet)


Show Notes:

  • The reason behind eating unhealthy food
  • Food intolerance
  • The reactions that your body can have from eating foods that you have an intolerance to
  • Why artificial sugar is the devil!

“Food is information.”- JJ Virgin (Click to Tweet)


  • What makes you crave more sweets
  • The 7 foods of food intolerance
  • What is the Virgin diet?
  • Why you should not eat every 2 to 3 hours
  • Turn snacking into a mini meal instead
  • The difference between a sugar burning and a fat burner
  • Learn why and how to swap food


“People who drink one diet soda a day have a 33 percent higher chance of getting diabetes”- JJ Virgin (Click to Tweet)



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