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194 Make Peace With Your Food and Your Body

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Hi, I’m Alex!

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I’ve worked with a lot of incredible women over the years, and time and again I see these capable, powerful women struggle to make peace with their bodies. We want a graceful, effortless, and fun relationship with our bodies. What does it take to get there? When we discover how to step back from our habits, we can live a life of agency and freedom. 

Today, I am going to share all of my best practices for filling your body up with flavorful food and inner peace. There is joy in every bite! 

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Show Notes:

  • It’s time to make peace with our bodies. I’ll teach you how. 
  • The ways that food has been turned into an object of our desires. 
  • How a detox retreat taught me how to truly relax. 
  • How to spot a “noisy food.” 
  • The New Rules of Eating: there are no rules! 
  • Hunger is an ally. 
  • Learn from one of my favorite client success stories. 

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