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Too Many Women Die: Racism + Sexism in Medicine

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Last year I interviewed Dr. Leslie Tidwell about Savvy Lady Patient, her medical consulting practice for women. She helps women prepare to be their own advocates in receiving proper medical care.
Why does this matter? Why do women need to prepare for a doctor’s visit? Aren’t we all seen equally?
Sadly, no.
And the problem is worse for women of color.
Even celebrity women get treated with skepticism, ignored, and labeled “hysterical”, by hospital staff:
Serena Williams had to fight for blood clot treatment while recently recovering from her emergency C-section in the hospital. The nurses and doctors didn’t believe her. Luckily she was experienced with this health issue and continued to fight for what she needed.
Imagine recovering from a C-section, having trouble breathing, and having to explain to medical professionals that they need to listen to you?
How many other women are ignored? How many women die because they’re not believed?
The problem is worse for women of color, and it’s time the medical establishment look at their long history of sexism and racism.
Listen to my Her Rules Radio interview with Dr. Leslie Tidwell: