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66 Can Mind-Body Medicine Work for You?

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Mind-Body Medicine on The Cravings Whisperer with Alexandra Jamieson

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Today I’m talking about mind-body medicine, which is really using the relationship between your mind and your body, using the power of your thoughts and emotions to influence your physical health. The key to any mind-body technique is to train the mind to focus on the body without distraction OR judgment, which is a big one for us ladies!

I talk about this a lot in terms of cravings, right? How can we focus our mind on our body to really tune in and listen to our cravings and understand what they’re really asking for?

My guests today are Grace Smith and Jovanka Ciares, the creators of Mind-Body Academy. Both of these women specialize in different aspects of mind-body practice – Grace is all about stress relief, and Jovanka specializes in nutrition, herbalism, and alternative therapies.

As you’re listening to today’s episode, I want you to really think about whether you think mind-body medicine works, and if you think it could help you.

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“The truth is our habits and our beliefs live in a completely different part than what actually takes in information.” – Grace Smith (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • Why women have trouble making changes
  • How we can access our habits and beliefs
  • Why one thing won’t work for every person
  • Why we have to approach making changes with compassion
  • Why hypnotherapy works.
  • Why Grace decided to bring stress relief to the masses
  • Why Jovanka left her high powered job to promote alternative health practices
  • Why these two ladies started working together

“The reason why hypnotherapy works is because it removes stress from your body before it tries to make a change.” – Grace Smith (Click to Tweet)

  • What are their seven steps to help you meet your goals
  • Why it’s so hard to create new habits
  • Why healthy living is a journey, not a destination
  • What is guided meditation
  • Do a guided meditation with Grace
  • How Jovanka helps people learn to listen to their body
  • Why you have to invest in yourself
  • How you can learn these seven steps

“This body that you were gifted with is like a five star hotel, it’s like a luxury vehicle, and it should be treated as such.” – Jovanka Ciares (Click to Tweet)

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“We take that state of relaxation into the process of preparing your food and eating.” – Jovanka Ciares (Click to Tweet)