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Mixed Couples – The Veggie & The Carnivore


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Here is an email from a woman who eats very different food than her husband.

She’s frustrated and looking for advice  – and here’s what I had to say:


“So I just finished watching “Super Size Me” for the first time and that movie was very informative.

I am current trying to lose weight and think healthier for my future.

I started my journey March 23rd and have lost 20 lbs and it seems now that I’m at a stand still.

I fear that it’s the eating habits with my husband at home and out in public.

He is a meat and potato kind of guy whereas I’m trying to Go Green!

So that is my challenge right now that I’m facing…

Do you have any suggestions for two people in the home that basically are thinking two different menus?

He refuses to loose his meat and potatoes – I have already ask. 🙂

Thanks, T.”


Hi T ~

That can be a challenge to live in a  “mixed couple!”
I know – I’ve been there.
When Morgan was eating nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days while
we created Super Size Me, I was still enjoying a healthy, unprocessed, plant-based
He ate what he ate, and I ate what I ate.
Now, I didn’t like that what he was eating made him sick, tired, and grumpy. But after
his 30 days, I took over and reversed his health trouble with a healthy plant-based detox diet.
But that wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t wanted to do it.
It had to be his choice to make the change.
I don’t see why you can’t eat what you want while your husband eats what he wants.
You may need different things, or he may not be ready to change his diet.
As much as you may want him to eat the way you do, it isn’t something you can control.
I suggest that you cook what you want and need to feel great.
If you husband wants something else, perhaps he can cook his own meals.
It might be fun to cook together in the kitchen, and eat your different meals together!
The bottom line is that we’re all different and your husband has his outlook on life and eating.
By treating yourself well, giving yourself what you want, and not making him wrong for eating
the way he wants, you’ll have a healthier, happier, easier relationship with him – and with you!
I hope this is helpful.
Be well,


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