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My 5 Magic Mirrors

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


Laying it all out on the table here. I used to be a chameleon, couldn’t figure out my own feelings, and struggled with finding my own style – in every sense of the word. I followed a lot of other people’s rules, and it left me confused, irritated, and got me into trouble…


I’m about to show you the most important questions I teach women to ask in their lives as they achieve their own desires. They’re the same questions I use in my own life. And don’t think I had this all figured out from birth! These tools were honed over years of my own failures and successes, education and experimentation in trying to get to my own truth, and unlock my voice.


Growing up in a family split apart by suicide, divorces, and mental illnesses, I developed an incredible knack for being a chameleon: I could (and still can) anticipate what other people need and want from me, before they do. It’s a protective skill set that worked really well growing up, but as I tried to become my own woman, I found that other people’s expectations and rules drowned out my truth and desires.


In my 18 years of coaching, mentoring and supporting women in their journey to growth, fulfillment and healing, I’ve discovered that we need a way to self-reflect to help us see, define, and create our own path.


I call this process the 5 Magic Mirrors.


These are five simple lenses and questions to help you get curious, clear, and confident in knowing what is true for yourself. My clients become experts at using these 5 Magic Mirrors to help them eat better, think strategically, do less, work better, and have a lot more fun.


These mirrors are the pillars that hold up the foundations of my work as a coach and mentor for womxn. When you use them, labeled as pillars below, to help you reflect honestly, non-judgmentally, and with deep compassion, then you begin to see your strengths, feel bolder, and get out of overwhelm:

1. Nourishment – the nourished woman enjoys living in her body, feeds herself effortlessly, feels resourced, supported, healthy, vital and satisfied.

Ask yourself: Does this feel nourishing?

2. Connection – the connected woman feels engaged and immersed in her work, love, friendships, and authentic relationships, and she clearly communicates.

Ask yourself: Does this feel authentic? Does this feel connected for me?

3. Desire – this woman is clear on what she wants, has meaning in her life, and is unashamed in her pursuit of her dreams.

Ask yourself: Is this what I truly desire, or is it a “should” or someone else’s rule?

4. Trust – this woman knows herself, owns and uses her strengths, has clearly held boundaries, honors her instincts and intuition, and feels Life supports her in taking risks. Her accomplishments feels valuable and unique to her.

Ask yourself: Am I trusting myself?

5. Play – Finally, this woman laughs often, enjoys more positive emotions and knows how to grow them, is in touch with her creative fire, and enjoys regular moments of joy. She feels deserving of fun, even when challenges arise.

Ask yourself: Is this fun for ME? I having fun? How can I make this more enjoyable?


What can happen in your life when you use these questions?

What’s the upside to using the five magic mirrors to really know yourself?


In her own words, Alyssa, a current client and successful marketing and copywriting expert, shares her experience of our work:

“Insecurities are a bitch. Alex is great about talking through fears, worries, concerns, and insecurities to help get you to a place where you can reflect on them and move on from them. During our time together, I learned a lot of what’s been holding me back stems from fears that aren’t really all that big of a deal. Working with Alex is like therapy, tough love, and an education on what it can mean to have it all, all in one. She doesn’t give you all the answers, she helps you find your own answers, which makes the investment last so much longer. Do it if you feel yourself wanting more. More self-love, more acceptance, more purposeful action.”

~ Alyssa Patmos


Using these five questions, the magic mirrors, Alyssa’s self-knowing, confidence, and productivity all increased. She booked her first podcast interview, launched a personal brand, created a new t-shirt design, and has been taking on young women as mentoring clients (her dream future gig).


This isn’t easy stuff: breaking out of our existing patterns while we are in the midst of living and managing “it all” can be terrifying and overwhelming. We know we want change, we just don’t know where to begin.


This is just a taste of the work I do with womxn. Either in private, one-on-one coaching, or the group Vitality Mentorship, beginning January 5th, my intention is to support you to know yourself, discover your unique strengths, and take the daily actions of putting your passions into purposeful work.


Apply to the Vitality Mentorship if you’re ready to join a group coaching experience with me and heart-centered, creative, driven women:





P.S. I’ll read your application personally and reach out to schedule a private conversation about the possibilities.

P.P.S. You’ll see me using the term “womxn” more and more as a way to be inclusive of trans women, and non-binary people, which also sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn face. I have dear friends who call themselves womxn, (which I pronounce the same was woman/women), and decide to honor their desires. With love, A


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