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The end of an era. And what’s next. On closing the Cravings Cleanse…

If you’re here, you’ve most likely heard that I can help you with your cravings, food, and body issues. I’ve been teaching The Cravings Cleanse, an amazing, life-changing program, for three years. My Cravings Quiz, which gave us insights into what our cravings mean, has been taken by over 10,000 women around the globe. (You can still download the Cravings Quiz ebook here, discover your type, and use it to help you make intuitive eating choices:)


We ran 12 seasons of the popular Cravings Cleanse group program, supporting thousands of women with valuable, true, nourishing information. Lives transformed. Women found new levels of energy, wellness, ditched prescription medications, healed their hormones, gut health, and more. They lost weight and gained confidence.


I noticed as I was leading the Cravings Cleanse that we were going much deeper than just what to eat. Women were signing up with me to work privately after experiencing the coaching in the group program. That’s when the real transformation happened. The CC was just the first step of the true journey for so many women:

The Cravings Cleanse was just a path, a passage, to a much deeper process. Women were finding that the food elimination plan was truly helpful, but there were emotional, spiritual, and psychological forces at play, and much deeper rewards to be found. They began to realize that to truly feel well and aligned, they wanted and needed more support to see their patterns, connect the dots in their life, and get real help transforming their habits. 


You don’t need to wait to begin the true journey now.


My own mentor and coach Lisa Fabrega shared this story with me recently:


A struggling Hollywood actor really wanted to work as a stunt actor. But he thought he needed to be an actor on TV before he could start auditioning as a stunt actor. So he was working for years, trying to be a “real” actor before he would allow himself to try out for what he really wanted.


Finally a teacher asked him, “Why are you waiting? You should be auditioning for work as a stunt double now!”


He thought he had to wait to be ready.

The teacher showed him the truth:

You don’t have to wait. Do it now!


You don’t have to do all these little detours as practice runs for what you really want.

You can go straight there. You don’t need to wait to lose the weight to begin doing the beautiful, conscious work of being your fullest, truest, highest self. 


So I’m going straight to the heart of it, and closing the Cravings Quiz and Cravings Cleanse for good.


Everything from the Cravings Cleanse is still included in my private coaching with women. So it hasn’t technically gone anywhere. It’s still here! The “meat” of that program is always going to be here, it’s just being shared in a new way.


I’m truly enjoying the private coaching and small group mentorship program, which allow for deeper, more personal work. That’s where my heart and soul are feeling called.


The work I’m doing now is going so much deeper and so much further. Women are changing their careers, ending relationships, or transforming their marriages. Women are creating new projects that will impact other women in the world, getting real with their families, throwing off the shackles of disempowerment, speaking up for themselves, and rocking red lipstick for the first time in their lives. 

It’s what the women I support really need. And what the world really needs is more women who have come alive, feel strong, and are ready to be fully engaged in their lives.


When women come to my website, podcast, or blog, they get inspired to treat themselves in a new way. They start to stand up for themselves, create boundaries in their lives, and ask for what they’re worth.


In my private, one-on-one coaching, and smaller group mastermind programs, my clients always get the best of my years of food experience. There’s more we want and need, and it’s time to evolve my work so that I can support the women who know they want more.


Are you one of them?

The woman who is ready to stop focusing so much on her body and food, yet longs to feel light and strong.

The woman who is creating things in the world, at all different levels, and knows she wants to feel outwardly confident to spread her message and share her work.

The woman who is looking for freedom from her thoughts, and a mindset makeover about her worth, value, beauty, and wisdom.


The coaching I offer women is powerful and of-this-moment, and  I’m inviting you to work with me. On a deeper level, one-on-one.


If you’re a woman who is feeling pulled and ready to take a deeper journey from constrained to free, from hiding to strutting, I welcome you. Applications and details for private 1-1 coaching are here:


I review each application and contact you about setting up an informal conversation so we can decide if we are a good fit for each other.


From my heart and soul to yours,