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226 The Coitus Chronicles with Olive Persimmon

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It’s no secret that most women harbor fear, shame, guilt, and some degree of curiosity around their sexuality. Today’s show addresses these issues and takes an honest, deep dive into all things sexual. Join us!

Olive Persimmon has written The Coitus Chronicles, which is described as a diary of your hilarious friend’s quest to heal her relationship with her body, sexuality, love, and her exploration of orgasm. The book is insightful, educational, and funny; I loved it from start to finish! In today’s conversation, we journey far and wide in our discussion of sexuality, STI’s, orgasm, BDSM, pick-up artists, foot fetish, and everything in between.

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Show Highlights:

  • The value of women who are willing to explore their deepest, darkest secrets and thoughts by putting them down on paper
  • For Olive, the book came from her need to confront her fears around sexuality
  • Why Olive went to a free class on BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Sadomasochism) and learned about making her shame her story
  • The healing experience of acknowledging fears and shame
  • The duality of doula-dominatrix and the immense power of women’s sexuality
  • A closer look at Olive’s fear and shame around sex
  • Olive’s intense fear around germs and STI’s
  • How Olive was introduced to “OMing,” orgasmic meditation
  • Why a woman has to know what’s good for HER first
  • Balancing the risk of new adventures with the dangers and fear of STI’s
  • Olive’s sex therapy experience, where she is learning to work through her stuff
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy fears
  • Olive’s time with the “Foot Fetish Goddess” and what she learned
  • Olive’s exploration with consent and personal space
  • What Olive has learned about rejection
  • Current cultural and political issues around consent and rejection
  • Olive’s experience with the “Pick-up Artist” and what flirting is all about
  • What flirting looks like for Olive today
  • What it means to feel sexy
  • Olive’s sexual icons: Cheryl Strayed, GiGi Angle, and Mama Gena’s book, Pussy


The Coitus Chronicles by Olive Persimmon

Pussy by Mama Gena


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