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Our Values Matter.

Both personal and professional, values give enduring meaning and purpose to life.

To become a credible leader, you first have to know and embody the deeply held beliefs that drive you. You have to authentically communicate your beliefs in ways that uniquely represent who you are.

Here are the four top values of all the work, coaching, writing, and community that I endeavor to live, represent, and create with my clients:


Authenticity is about presence, living in the moment with conviction, confidence, and staying true to yourself. An authentic person aims to let go of who we “think we’re supposed to be,” and honors who we truly are. Authenticity is also accepting of personal evolution. Authenticity is a touchstone that brings care into every interaction with every person while staying true to who I am as an individual.

How this value shows up in my work, writing, community, and coaching with clients:

  • We care about seeing reality with honesty.
  • We are dedicated to knowing and accepting ourselves, and other people.
  • We work to be compassionate in words and action.
  • We aim to express and honor our full range of emotions.
  • We believe in learning from our mistakes and other people.
  • We seek to understand our motivations and unconscious biases. 
  • We admit when we are wrong and commit to making amends when necessary.

I’ve noticed in both my work and my personal life that when I feel inauthentic I am unable to move forward toward my goals. I put it at the top because the other values don’t seem possible without it. Even love needs to be based on authenticity for me to truly feel it.


It was hard to choose between courage and brave as core values. 

Then I saw Boldness. 


Boldness encompasses courage, bravery, and that “feeling the fear, and doing it anyway” vibe. Boldness, in acknowledging fear and possible dangers, is the product of knowledge, imagination, and conscious thought. Boldness is taking risks and moving forward through obstacles. It’s possible with conviction, community, passion, and hope.

How this value shows up in my work, writing, community, and coaching with clients:

  • We acknowledge conflicting emotions of fear and hope, then move forward with strategy.
  • We commit to contributing to something bigger than ourselves.
  • We keep a non-toxic, non-hostile sense of humor.
  • We choose to take action not just because things get accomplished, but because it also instigates growth, progress, and movement for those around us


I believe we are all created from Life’s infinite energy and are therefore capable of infinite creativity. Creativity is both a value and a strength. 

How this value shows up in my work, writing, community, and coaching with clients:

  • We believe it is possible to figure out any problem and find new solutions.
  • Fun and play are welcomed and encouraged.
  • We collaborate with others, seeking to find new answers together.
  • We are always learning and curious. Everyone is a student, and a teacher.
  • We feel self-empowered and capable, and let go of victim mentality.
  • We believe that beauty and utility go hand in hand.
  • Every person is a unique being, so no cookie-cutter solutions are allowed.
  • We examine and transcend old ideas and rules that no longer serve us, creating meaningful new ideas, actions, and ways of living. 

Creativity is the skill we all possess, and it’s the most important tool for humanity. Together we will grow your creative confidence, clarity, and powers to envision a new future.


Love as a value shines a light on being compassionate, showing care and desire to help when someone is distressed, hurt, or in need of help. It places justice, equity, and fairness at center stage.  Love has the ability to motivate and facilitate a connection between people, nurturing relationships, and healing.

How this value shows up in my work, writing, community, and coaching with clients:

  • We care deeply about the people we work with, and the projects to which we commit.
  • We create safe and inclusive spaces with our words, intentions, and actions.
  • We commit to loving ourselves with clear, strong boundaries.
  • We bring compassion into our work for ourselves and each other.

Love is, truly, at the heart of the most impactful, enduring work.

I’m here to tell you that getting clear on your values will lead you to owning and standing for your value.

Are you ready to step into the deeply personal work of your professional success? Let’s do it together.

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Alexandra Jamieson, Master Leadership Coach, Photo Credit: Sam Joseph
Alexandra Jamieson, Master Leadership Coach, Photo Credit: Sam Joseph