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Private Coaching + Retreat Application

Elite Creatrix Private Coaching with Alexandra Jamieson

Thanks for your interest in Elite Creatrix Coaching. These are curated, tailored experiences including 1:1 coaching, retreats and more! It’s a deep body, mind, and soul journey into the value of who you truly are, and the truth of who you’re called here to be and create.

Through coaching, positive psychology mindset strategy, self-exploration, and the magic of your unique strengths and desires, the next phase of your life could be the most important yet.

Please complete this application to share some information about yourself, your vision, goals for the upcoming year, and your commitment level to doing this work. I’ll be in touch soon to discuss the next steps, which might be enrolling you in the Elite Creatrix coaching, or having a phone call to discuss things further, or to possibly recommend another program or coach who is better suited to you and your goals.

This program is for you if:

Are driven to create a new project or develop an existing business in a new way.
Have already done some kind of personal development or corporate training work
See the growth possibilities when physical vitality, mindset, and spiritual purpose are aligned
Are coachable and open to being in a co-created mentorship with a master-level coach

This is a co-created program into the core and essence of who you’re called here to be.
Because of how powerful this container is, I only offer a limited number of opportunities to work with me.

This program includes:

* 3 private sessions with me every month (2 50-minute sessions, 1 20-minute session)
* Personal access to my cellphone for texting with me in between sessions.
* A personalized 2-day in-person retreat together where we will strategize, streamline, and clarify your work plans and life boundaries. And have juicy fun and joyous experiences together! (location is flexible, travel not included)
* Membership to any and all group programs offered during your Elite Coaching program.

* Everything you share here is private and confidential. Please share openly and freely.
* Do not press “enter” while you are filling out the form, as it will submit the form before you are finished.
* The Investment is detailed below.

No matter what, I’m excited that you’re applying and I can’t wait to hear about your vision and desires… thank you!

  • Now, tell me all about you…

  • Accepting The Call To The Journey.
    I acknowledge that by filling out this application, I am under no obligation to join the Elite Creatrix Coaching program.

    I understand that if I am chosen for one of the spots in the Elite Creatrix Coaching program, and after speaking with Alex over the phone to see if it’s a fit, and reviewing and signing the program agreement, I am committed to completing the program for its duration.

    I also understand that I am the client and Alexandra is my guide and mentor throughout this process and journey and understand that the client/mentor relationship is one of mutual respect. As a participant in the Rich Creatrix Coaching experience, I will give the experience 100% to get the most out of it and understand that it is a co-creative process.