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Private Leadership Coaching

The personal work of professional success for driven, creative women. Coaching will get you there. 

You’ve always done things a little differently…

And now you’re ready to bring your creative ideas to the work that matters most to you.

You want to have the impact that only you can have. And you’re tired of waiting, putting off your big leap, waiting for some sign to tell you it’s time.

If you’re here, you’ve always stood out from the crowd in your own way. 

From how you dress, to how you continue to educate yourself, to how you spend your downtime, you’ve never been the “go along with the crowd” type.

Doing things your own way has helped you succeed in life, but you’re not clear how to do in the next year so that you feel fulfilled, secure, and set up to really stick the landing of creating what’s next.

You have successes under your belt, and wins to your name, but still feel like a fraud sometimes…

  • You may still think “I’m not ready yet” or “I’m not good enough”…
  • You may still experience guilt around wanting to build wealth…
  • Or hold yourself back from Doing. The. Thing…
  • Of just feel stuck and unclear about how to create what’s coming…

Another virtual program won’t help.

Another marketing or sales training is NOT what you need.

It is time for the deeply personal work of professional success.

It is time for your experience, education, creativity, and quirks to come together with your value, strengths, and courage so you can shamelessly earn a great living doing what you feel called to do:


  • You’re a multi-hyphenate creative leader, with many passions, skills, and interests, on the verge of bringing something new to the world.
  • You’re a women in science, tech, engineering, the arts, math, or medicine, or other male dominated fields.
  • You want impact, legacy, freedom, and adventure, but aren’t sure how to manage the risks you know you need to take.
  • You have competing desires to contribute creatively, have enough spacious “me time,” and quality with people you care about.
  • Your health and personal growth are very important to you, but your next, big role doesn’t seem to leave any space for it.
  • Your ability to show up clear, focused, and energized is paramount, and this next level of growth and achievement will require next-level habits.
Here’s what I know for sure: you have the inner resources, values, and resilience to create the next stage of your life and work. I’m here to help you focus, streamline, and get there cleanly, with less effort, and more joy:
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Here’s the rub:

  • You feel you have no extra time to step back and strategize: some days are scheduled to the quarter-hour. But you know that if you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll stay stuck in reacting to other people’s priorities. 
  • What to focus on? There are so many moving pieces to juggle, you’re having a tough time seeing a path and plan.
  • Relationships and family are deeply important to you, but you’re stressed by all the people you’re managing. You want clear, graceful communication with those you care about so everyone is working and becoming their best.
  • You’re eager to step into your next level of leadership, but feel hesitant about looming responsibilities if the work isn’t delegated effectively.
  • You’re tired of the panic that comes along with “boom and bust” cycles of sales and KPI’s, and just want consistent courage to keep moving forward toward your goals. 

I’d like to introduce you to some women who transformed the way they lived while working with me…

When you hear their experiences in their own words, remember: they didn’t have any secret gifts that you don’t have! Your story, and theirs, began long ago, and what unfolds next chapter is within your power.

What these women wanted was a clear path forward to create the impact and share their unique strengths.

My goal as coach, advisor, and accountability partner, is to help you move through limiting beliefs, take consistent steps forward, drop the habits that keep you stuck and unfocused, and realize the uncommon skills you possess.

That is my passion and work in this life.

This is a personal invitation for you to apply for my 6-month Elite Creatrix
coaching program and make this upcoming new year the most
pivotal time in your life.


I’ve been a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur for 20+years, and each new project, plan, and path brings its own set of upheavals, loss, opportunities, and decision making moments. In fact, my friends have joked with me that I’m the perfect coach for “women on the verge” because I’ve found myself on so many edges, cliffs, and new beginnings.

I’ve come to see these times of challenge and growth as a beautiful series of opportunity for deep truth, forward movement, self-possession, and discovery.

With a love of learning, love for humanity, a keen sense of values, strategic planning, and help from community, I have fallen forward, with as much grace and strength as I could muster.

Every time we leap, the next step towards our truest selves always appears.

It takes vulnerability, authenticity, and clarity practices to declare what we want. It takes courage to leap for it.

We multi-hyphenate powerhouse leaders already have much of what we need to make our next leap…

… sometimes it’s hard to recognize our own strengths, skills, resources, connection, and gifts that we have access to.

… sometimes we need a guide to help us put the pieces and plan together to create a clear vision and strategy that honors our mission, purpose, and soul.

… sometimes the stuff we help others with is the hardest for us to do for ourselves.

You are a powerhouse. You are driven. You are bold, smart, hard-working, and wise.

You are on the verge of something new, but can’t quite see how the pieces all fit together:

  • Supportive, growth-filled relationships, community, and intimacy
  • Food, body image, and self-care
  • Mission and authentic service as a leader
  • Pleasure, sensuality, feminine power, and soul-deep creativity
  • Self-expression, spirituality, and sleeves-rolled-up-action
  • Play, fun, and deep body satisfaction

My greatest pleasure is supporting and coaching women who are on the verge of their next step. Growth, movement, endings, beginnings, expansions, transitions, expression, loss, gains and healing in every form.

My clients include the CEO of a technology education company who needs to reconfigure her home life, self-care, and creative expression so that she could bring her full attention to the next massive stage in her professional achievement … and create soul-deep conversations with her husband so that she could feel grace and connected at home.

Another woman I had the pleasure to support took the leap from freelance in one of Hollywood’s most competitive industries to running a studio and creating an industry-changing technology … while healing her undiagnosed gut issues and managing an emotional teenager going through “growing pains” at home. 

And another woman and I focused on her pleasure, work schedule, and self-care to create an eating plan that helped her glow on her wedding day, have powerful conversations with her partner about her desires for their intimate life, and create a new energy at home so that her body and work feel aligned and alive.

You may see yourself in the amazing women I’ve worked with:

  • create and run charities
  • who do stand up comedy at the end of their day as corporate lawyers
  • creates the pitch that changes her company’s work-from-home policy 
  • women who finally take a singing lesson…and then buy 10 more
  • who get up the nerve to get back into ballet…at aged 60
  • who start dating online
  • who transform their marriage with new clear conversations
  • become a public speaker
  • drop 20 pounds…without counting calories
  • start writing the book about the hardest lessons in their life…which made her the powerhouse she is today
  • start her business on the side…and still take the weekends off
  • who mentor dozens of young people
  • women who support their partner through gut-wrenching illnesses…and come out together on the other side
  • raising smart, resilient, kind children
  • women who leave their suppressive religion…and create their own powerful relationship to God(dess)
  • women who become the top sales person in their industry
  • …and finally buy that red Mini Cooper

I am confident you will discover:

  • The confidence to share and be recognized for your creative ideas
  • Greater physical and mental energy and creativity
  • Clarity about personal and professional priorities
  • New and proven strategies for generating more sales and impact
  • Opportunities to develop your leadership strengths
  • Insights and tools for greater productivity
  • Higher satisfaction in your work, and your life

All of the above will give you what you need to craft a successful business and create a joyfully satisfying life.


“The personal work of professional success is undeniable: when you nourish your individual strengths, you see and feel the rewards on every level.”

Here’s how it works:

Your next step is to tell me a bit about your, and grab a time to talk with me. It will take 15-20 minutes, and you need to fill it out completely to be considered.

We will talk on video Zoom or by phone (it’s your choice) about what you want, your questions, and how I can help.

If I feel that I can help you reach your goals, I’ll offer you a coaching slot, and you’ll have 24-hours to decide. 

Elite Creatrix 6-month coaching programs start at $10,000 USD.

Once you decide to work with me, you’ll choose:

  • A payment option, and
  • Your first month of sessions, which includes two 1-hour sessions and one 20-minute check-in.

You’ll have a clear plan and experiments to play with and take action on.

At the end of each coaching session, you’ll leave with new insights, clarity, plans, and motivation to step boldly into action.

Access: Life happens!

You will have private email support from me, as well as my cell phone for texting support. Very few coaches offer that kind of access, but I know from experience that we need that little hit of support when “life” happens. When crazy things come up, or you’re in need of clarity, advice, or just a sounding board, I will be there for you.

The Value of Coaching:

I have been coaching women for 20 years, and have helped thousands of women change their lives and their bodies with love, joy, fun, and true nourishment.

I believe in the power of coaching, and have invested over $100,000 in my own coaches and support trainings over the last decade. It is always worth it.

From the CEO who set the framework for her future, to the tech sales maven who became the highest earning salesperson in her sector, the value of this coaching is real.

This program is a high five-figure investment for the woman who is ready to up-level her life, body, work, and mindset. 

You are ready for coaching. 

… your work and life are asking you to make a change, and your body is begging you for loving, nurturing daily habits to facilitate those changes.

You know there will be uncertainty on this new path: new actions, new habits, shedding the sh!t that doesn’t work anymore …

But you also know, bone deep, that it’s TIME to step into onto this new path with support and make your life your own.

Give yourself permission. Let’s do this together.

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