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Alexandra Jamieson | Private Coaching

Something brought you here because you’re ready. Ready for a trusted guide to lovingly, fiercely support you in transforming your work, relationships, and your life. You’re done with restriction, shame, and perfectionism and are ready for a juicy, soul-based approach:

  • You’re a creative leader, on the cusp of bringing something new to the world.
  • You want impact, legacy, freedom, and adventure, but are freaked out by the risks you know you need to take.
  • You desire authentic creativity, and more “me time” … but you put your needs last on the priority list behind work and family.
  • You want to feel motivated and inspired — to light the spark you know is hiding inside you … but your body and energy are plagued with anxiety, stress, and obligations.
  • You’re hungry to reclaim your body and feel good in your own skin … but confusion, emotional eating, and lack of accountability make it feel impossible.
  • You CRAVE sensuality, your own feminine expression, and easy physical expression …but old thoughts, feelings, and social messages make it impossible to relax into pleasure.
  • You want to feel clear, focused, and energized enough to solve your problems and go for your goals … but mental fog is keeping you from seeing your next steps in life.
  • You’re amazing with working on a deadline, but your own health, desires, and habits suffer in the name of productivity.
  • You want to share your gifts and talents with the world … but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first to heal your body and your life.

Your goals probably seem like some kind of dream and out of reach.
And I’m sure that you struggle with an overwhelming daily to-do list.
This can leave you sapped of energy and motivation for self care. It can suck the inspiration right out of your bones.

Here’s what I know for sure: you are already whole. You already have the ability and grit you need to pull yourself out of the old, overworked paradigm.
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I’d like to introduce you to some women who transformed the way they lived while working with me…

When you hear their experiences in their own words, remember: they didn’t have any secret gifts that you don’t! Your story, and theirs, began long ago, and what unfolds in the next chapter is within your power.

I have been crushing on Alex’s approach to sensuality, food and desires for awhile. My calls with Alex have been AMAZING. She digs deep and moves you into action in the most gentle and loving way. On our first call, I released so much tension and tears around unspoken desires. She created such an intimate and safe space, so I could let it all out and be fully seen as a whole woman –– not compartmentalized into boxes. We talked about my relationship with food, my schedule, my work, my daughter, my husband, my connections with friends, and sex. Within a week, I had my ideal day and week mapped out, along with taking ownership cooking at least one meal a day in the kitchen. Alex really helped me see what was most important in my life that I had been burying with work and external validation, and she gave me the immediate practices to make them a reality each week.

Jadah Sellner, Co-Creator SimpleGreenSmoothies.com

I loved how easy it was to work with Alex. Learning to listen to myself and knowing that my needs are important. Valuing my body and its needs and mastering the art of tuning in, instead of tuning out which is what I was doing my entire life before working with Alex. I was ignoring my body signals, and steamrolling over its needs expecting it to keep up with my agenda. When my body finally cried for mercy, THANK GOODNESS Alex was there to help. Her guidance was the best thing that happened to me and my well being. I tried a nutritionist along the way who taught me how to count calories … Within a few months I was going back to Alex to help me undo the mindset damage that approach had done. I feel stronger and healthier and I know I have the tools to get back on track whenever I need to.

JP, Entertainment executive, Los Angeles, CA

My overall experience has been so rewarding. I didn’t realize just how much I needed to connect with myself and understand why I wanted a better relationship with my body and my work. I used the exercises you gave me to really delve into my own true desires and it all made so much sense. After just one session you opened something up, something that has allowed me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and I am excited for the journey ahead. I am excited for this new honest relationship that I now have with myself. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Palesa Makanda, Business Coach, South Africa


Alex gave me the gift and skill of awareness–being aware of my own unique needs, wants and desires. That’s amazingly powerful because it’s mine and mine alone and it empowers me to be my own expert. Alex is a wonderfully grounded non-judgemental person and creates a safe space for clients to come as they are. There’s no “you should, you shouldn’t, why didn’t you, you better … ” that makes you feel finger-wagged or embarrassed. Instead, she approaches each person with the same genuine curiosity as she would expect you to regard yourself. It’s the difference between helping you arrive at your own insight versus trying to impress upon you how amazingly knowledgeable and enlightened they are about health–which some coaches do far too often.

Erin, Talent Scout, Brooklyn, NY

What these women needed more than anything, was a trusted
advisor + accountability partner, committed to helping them master
the uncommon skills and focus on their next best steps, without the overwhelm.

That is my strength, my magic, my passion in life.

Me + You

I am passionate about helping women who want to live their most authentic, creative, vital life to get the support they need to bring their unique strengths into the world.

To heal, feel whole, and share their magic with us, so that they can finally feel like their best selves.

To put down the heavy burden of perfectionism, and just be real, authentic, and joyfully YOU.

This is a personal invitation for you to apply for my 10-month
mentorship program and make this upcoming new year the most
pivotal time in your life.
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Life has brought upheavals, loss, opportunities, and big-bad-bold decision making moments over the years … In fact, my friends have joked with me that I’m the perfect coach for “women on the verge” because I’ve found myself on so many edges, cliffs, and new beginnings.

From illness, divorce, the loss of my mom and dear friends, and life-altering dietary decisions, to big moves, big breakthroughs, and soul-level shake downs, I’ve come to see these times and challenges as a beautiful series of possibilities for deep truth, forward movement, and discovery.

With a love of learning, brave vulnerability, strategic planning, and help from friends and mentors, I have fallen forward, with as much grace and strength as I could muster.

Every time we leap, the next step towards our truest selves always appears.

But it takes clear strategizing, vulnerability in declaring our desires, and bravery to take that leap.

I’ve discovered every time that the life skills gathered and mastered through experience are just pieces of the plan needed to move forward: our skills are important, and we often have much of what we need to make our next leap…

… sometimes it’s hard to recognize our own strengths, skills, resources, connection, and gifts that we have access to.

… sometimes we need a guide to help us put the pieces and plan together to create a clear vision and strategy that honors our mission, purpose, and soul.

… sometimes the stuff we’re amazing at helping others with is the hardest for us to do for ourselves.

You are a powerhouse. You are driven. You are bold, smart, hard-working, and wise.

You are on the verge of something new, but can’t quite see how the pieces all fit together:

  • Supportive, growth-filled relationships, community, and intimacy
  • Food, body image, and self-care
  • Mission and authentic service as a leader
  • Pleasure, sensuality, feminine power, and soul-deep creativity
  • Self-expression, spirituality, and sleeves-rolled-up-action
  • Play, fun, and deep body satisfaction

My greatest pleasure is supporting and coaching women who are on the verge of their next step. Growth, movement, endings, beginnings, expansions, frameworks, expression, loss, gains and healing in every form.

I believe in post-traumatic growth, personal strength derived from the pleasure of sharing your personal gifts, the magic created between two like-minded people focused on the same challenge, and the possibility of intentional coaching.

I recently worked with a woman who co-created one of the fasted growing online health platforms to reconfigure her home life, self-care, and creative expression so that she could bring her full attention to the next massive stage in her business expansion … and create soul-deep conversations with her husband so that she could feel feminine in the bedroom, while rocking the boardroom.

Another woman I had the pleasure to support took the leap from freelance in one of Hollywood’s most competitive industries to running a studio and creating an industry-changing technology … while diving deeper into sexual self-expression and learning to ask for what she wants in her intimate relationships.

And another woman and I focused on her pleasure, work schedule, and self-care to create an eating plan that helped her glow on her wedding day, have powerful conversations with her partner about her desires for their intimate life, and create a new energy at home so that her body and work feel aligned and alive.

You’re probably like the amazing women I’ve worked with in this powerful 10-month coaching program:

women who run charities

who do stand up comedy

women who finally take a singing lesson…and then buy 10 more

who get up the nerve to go sky diving…at aged 60

who start dating online

who tell their partner they want a separation

become a public speaker

drop 20 pounds…without counting calories

drop 80 pounds…without working out like a maniac

mend their marriage

start writing the book about the hardest lessons in their life…which made her the powerhouse she is today

start her business on the side…and still take the weekends off

who mentor dozens of young people

women who support their partner through gut-wrenching illnesses…and come out together on the other side

raising smart, resilient, kind children

women who leave their suppressive religion…and create their own powerful relationship to God(dess)

women who become the top sales person in their industry

…and finally buy themselves that red sports car

women who finally find their boundaries, state them, and stand up for them

who heal their chronic migraines, and begin taking “me” weekends away from the family every few months

Our Goal

When you get clear about your desires, soul’s cravings, and body’s needs, and make them your top priority, it’s like writing the script for the movie of your life; you get to create a story filled with daily pleasures, a fun heart, and soulful experiences.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll have a clear plan and experiments to play with and take action on.

At the end of each coaching session, you’ll leave with new insights, clarity, plans, experiments, and motivation to step boldly into action.

Access: Life happens!

You will have private email support from me, as well as my cell phone for texting support. Very few coaches offer that kind of access, but I know from experience that we need that little hit of support when “life” happens. When crazy things come up, or you’re in need of clarity, advice, or just a sounding board, I will be there for you.

You and I will meet three times a month, either in person, if you’re in NYC, or on a private line.

In our private sessions I may:

  • Take you deep into a process to strengthen with your intuition and wisdom
  • Help you sketch out a new plan for your next online program
  • Change out your dairy for coconut milk
  • Help you create a powerful sisterhood of support in your company
  • Have you go to a pole dancing class
  • Help you commit to a lunch break – every day
  • Create an easy meal plan for your next work trip
  • Take you to a painting class
  • Brainstorm new creative ideas for your business
  • Help you start a daily movement practice that you can’t wait for
  • Send you books that will change your outlook and your life
  • Create a day-long adventure for you in your city to get out of your rut
  • Send you to a watercolor class
  • Send you guided meditations for success, healing, or relaxation
  • Transform your dating life (even with your long-term partner) to one of juicy adventure
  • Introduce you to your new favorite alternative healing practice – reflexology anyone?
  • Have you write a letter to your mom or your ex
  • Encourage you to say no to 90% of your calendar … and YES to the 10% you really care about
  • Have you buy new roller skates, a hula hoop or a hammock
  • Challenge you to apply for your dream summer program, dream job, or get that promotion
  • Hire a stylist to recreate your wardrobe for the body you are in now

The Value of Coaching:

I have been coaching women for over 17 years, and have helped thousands of women change their lives and their bodies with love, joy, fun, and true nourishment.

I believe in the power of coaching, and have invested over $100,000 in my own coaches and support trainings over the last decade. It is always worth it.

This program is a high five-figure investment for the woman who is ready to up-level her life, body, spirit, and mindset. The investment itself is an initiation to the work.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Three 1:1 sessions with me per month for 10 months
  • Books, products, and tools chosen specifically for you
  • Access to my personal email and cellphone for texting and email with me in between sessions
  • 2-day retreat in New York City with me ($13,000 Value, travel and hotel not included)


The real value is that you have your life, energy, power, voice, and body back. You feel whole, and ready for more.


It’s Time
The stakes are high. And real.

This is about fully engaging in your life, supporting yourself with mindset tools to help you out of stuck-ness, boredom, depression, and giving your power over to others.

This is about nurturing yourself, your inner cravings, and your life habits so you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way, support your family without feeling depleted, and know, in your bones, that you have what it takes.

To apply, click the button below and fill out the application. I’m only accepting 3 applicants at this time, so don’t wait.

You will be taken to my secure online application which will
be emailed to me, and I’ll get back to you.

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You know it’s time…

… that life is asking you to make a change, and your body is begging you for loving, nurturing daily habits.

You know there will be uncertainty on this new path: new foods, new habits, shedding the sh!t that doesn’t work anymore …

But you also know, bone deep, that it’s TIME to step into onto this new path with support and make your life your own.

It’s time, sweet one. Let’s do this together.

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