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VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session

After fifteen years of helping women around the world get the body they want, while making peace with food and their cravings, I’ve found that lasting joy, balance, and weight loss are created when you honor your unique body with self-love, not through shame, self-deprivation or kicking the tar out of yourself.

No matter what the advice shows may tell you, a body and life you love come from embracing your cravings, discovering what they are really asking for, and having MORE fun in your life as you drop the pounds, not punishing yourself and putting off your dreams until you “earn it.” 

If you’ve been following me for a while or are reading this page, I’ll bet you’re ready for a new way to live in and love your body, without the quick fix, calorie-restricting diets.

VIP Alex Square

And the fastest results to to feeling free in your body (and with food) start when you and I dive into an intimate conversation about your journey, cravings, and desires for the future.


That’s why I’m offering you a one-hour “VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session” with me, one-on-one.

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Before you book your private VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session with me, I have some important questions to ask you:


If you’re ready to get out of the diet mentality for good, and achieve true energy and lasting weight loss in the shortest time possible, then the best way to get started is a VIP Vitality + Body Love Strategy Session

I’ll get you on the schedule quickly and coach you one-on-one.

In this Strategy Session we’ll talk about the journey of your struggle to manage your weight, your fears and doubts.

We’ll talk about what your cravings are, what they may really be asking you for, and how you may actually be keeping yourself at war with your body. I’ll help you incorporate playful movement, fun, and the eating for your unique body right now to stimulate your metabolism and trigger balancing weight loss.

I’ll also give you a new way to see your worth and value so you understand how important your cravings and desires are, so you can start making your life your own immediately.

What most women don’t know is that when your body and eating is relaxed, your body naturally wants to eat less, and burns fuel more efficiently.

The result is a happy body, less weight, and more fun every day of your life!

This non-judgmental approach connects you with your wise, awesome body and your true life’s desires.

As you start honoring your body’s true needs and cravings, you’ll see your fight with food evaporates, not on how your body is failing you. You’ll discover how to listen to your body and give her exactly what she needs so that she feels amazing, loved, confident, and strong.



Sadly, most women who “fail at diets” are beating themselves up – when in reality the diets are failing us! Calorie restriction puts us into stress mode, making our bodies scared and incapable of hormonal balance, joy, and weight loss.

Or even worse: these destructive diet philosophies actually backfire and make you gain weight instead.

Listening to your body and honoring your needs is a way of life, not a diet. With Positive Psychology, Functional Nutrition, and years of experience, I’ve watched thousands of women achieve remarkable, lasting effects.

And it can be the new way for you, too:


I know what it feels like to be in a constant battle with your weight and I know how you can stop this pain. If you’re ready to end this struggle once and for all, and you really want to lose weight now, I can help you.

By the end of this 60-minute, private VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session with me by Skype or phone, you will:

I would love to join you on this journey to your best self while loving your wonderful self, now.

This 60-minute One-on-One VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session with me for $250.

Imagine how life will feel when food and your body are friends, when you love living in your own skin.

This session is the first step in the direction of finally embracing your body, making peace with food, and reclaiming your life.

I’m committed to you being satisfied with your investment. If you feel you didn’t get value for your money, I will refund the fee.

Basically, there’s no risk to you to try out my private, one-on-one VIP Vitality + Weight Loss Strategy Session, and find out if this just might be the approach you’ve been looking for for years.

What do you have to lose, except the war with your body and food?

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Cravings Cleanse + Mindset Makeover:

An 8-week virtual group program with weekly live calls with Alex to help you understand your cravings, end the habits that are keeping you stuck, and get clear on your big life desires.

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