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Reveal Yourself, Discover Your Self

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Attention: This book has shifted me profoundly, and may cause the same for you…

When I met Meggan Watterson through mutual friends I was struck by her presence and her inquisitive listening. Not knowing anything about her, I was compelled to keep talking with her, and loved being around her. She just emanates real. We hung out at a few parties and talked mostly about our little boys.

It wasn’t until I got a copy of her book to review REVEAL that those feelings made sense. Meggan is a modern-day spiritual pilgrim and guide – and her story is truly inspiring.

Anyone who walks out of their Sunday School at the age of ten because she knew something was missing in the lessons has my ear…thus began her lifelong search for the divine feminine.

Now a Harvard-trained theologian, and creator of the Reveal event in New York City, Watterson spent her young adult-hood visiting sacred sites of Black Madonnas in Europe, which brought about her own spiritual revelation.

She discovered that being spiritual meant accepting her body as sacred.

And that the voice from her soul was a deep, profound love of self that she had never known in a feminine-absent religious upbringing.

Reveal is laced with entertaining stories of her awakening, as well as ancient tales of the divine feminine from various religions that I had not heard of before.

Meggan encourages us, through her brave honesty, to explore our spirituality by stripping down to the truth of who we really are.

Reveal spoke to me in a deep, loving way.

I asked Meggan about how she learned to listen to her body in order to discover her spiritual truth:


Through your spiritual journey, your true self/soul spoke a truth to you for the first time – that your body is sacred. What sensations did you feel?


“I felt a sense of being home- if that makes sense. The home though wasn’t external to me- it was this being fully present- fully aware of being embodied- and I felt like I had found the place I had been searching for. I also felt warmth- the way people describe whisky sliding down the throat and into the bloodstream. I’ve never had the stuff myself but it felt like warm honey was suffusing my entire body- relaxing every muscle and letting me know physically what the word surrender feels like.”


How did you learn to listen to your body, and are you still learning?


“I learned to listen to my body the hard way- by experiencing again and again what happens when I do not. Smile. After a while it gets old, or the inner-teenager gets bored of the rebellion and the awareness comes that the body has wisdom the mind cannot fathom. For me it started with an awareness and a respect for my body when pain or illness arises. I listen to what it’s communicating about me- my lifestyle- my stress levels. And yes, listening to my body is an ongoing spiritual practice- one that takes patience and commitment. And one that yields the most exquisite moments of bliss and alignment as well.”

Meggan’s honest journey inspired me to look at my fears about my own body – that I’m aging, that I was somehow bad or a failure for leaving my vegan diet, and that because I’m a mom I’m no longer attractive somehow. These fears are mostly managed, but the “inner critic” still lurks, and powerful connections help me keep them at bay.

I’m just one of countless women who longs for a deeper connection with spirituality, religion, the Universe, and other women that encourage embodiment rather than denying our true selves. No matter where you are in the search for connection or spectrum of spirituality, Meggan’s story is about the craving in all of us to drop the heavy burdens and shed the extra stuff, the shoulds, that hold us back.

Meggan Waterson, Alex Jamieson, Terri Cole & Kate Northru

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*I got this book for free to review, and I’m psyched I did! I would have spent money on it – and will buy more copies to give to my clients and friends.


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