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Reversing Diabetes With Diet – Beautiful Testimonial

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men using food to cure Type 2 Diabetes

Sometimes the power of simple, healthy food truly astounds me.
My mother’s boyfriend Emilio is a middle aged farmer/bus driver who grew up in Texas and Mexico,
has a passion for saving farm animals, and has lived with Type 2 Diabetes for most of his adult life.

Strong and active his whole life, Emilio was overweight and beginning to see
signs that his body couldn’t handle the strain and illness any longer.
When a serious infection set in and his ability to work was compromised, Emilio
set out to make some big changes to his diet.

With my mom’s help, Emilio read my books and started to change his diet to
address his long standing health issues.

Switching from a diet based on lard, sugars, and fried foods,
Emilio has lost over 80 pounds and is almost off his medications.

Read Emilio’s story for yourself:

“I have started to reverse my diabetes that I’d dealt with for decades.

Matter of fact I only have to take one pill a day and no more insulin
shots. If Alex hadn’t been born to write her books I’d either be very
ill or six feet under!!

I also find it easier to deal with the pain from
the herniated discs in my back while working daily on my farm and
part time charter bus driving, which was extremely painful before
and required pain medication.

I no longer eat much fried foods, and
for a Texan that’s a big change!

Also, I have given up using lard in the foods I prepare, using
primarily locally grown produce and wild
pig or deer for meat. (It’s organic!!!)”

Emilio Vasquez Thrall, TX

If you want help managing your Type 2 Diabetes with the same success that Emilio had, then send me an email at to apply for my upcoming Delicious Detox Program in January. 


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