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Rewriting the Legend of Your Feminine Body

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“I’m built like a brick shit house,” Michele told me.

In our weekly private session, my client told me the story of her body and expressed this oft-repeated phrase.

“Hold on,” I said, stopping the conversation.

“The words we use have power, Michele. When we use phrases and words to describe our reality and how we feel about ourselves, it becomes our truth. We speak and the world, including our bodies, shows up to agree with our words. So it’s time to flip these old words into something true.”

When we stumble across an old, limiting belief, we must begin to reconstruct it with love and care, so as not to scare the life out of our brain. I call it the “lizard brain,” which refers to the oldest part of the brain which is in charge of survival instincts like fight or flight.

Try to make changes in how you think too big and too fast, and the lizard brain will rear up and fight you tooth and nail to keep it in place, so we started small.

We brainstormed and came up with new ideas until one felt honest, loving, and growth-filled without being overwhelming.

The new belief and thought Michele agreed to try on in her daily life like a silk wrap dress?

“I am a strong, capable creature and deserve the self-care I desire.”

Reflecting back to her the vulnerability, honesty and bravery it took for her to see and then flip this, we ended our call… but something didn’t feel right.

Something felt off.

And the truth dawned on me: my own lizard brain was nibbling away at my power. My own ego had some mean things to say about my body.

So I began to examine the beliefs that bubbled up, as if they were tarot cards laid out on the table before me:

I began with the easier imperfections.

In writing each imperfection as a simple fact, it could then be turned into a loving self-affirmation. That’s how the journey began.

photo credit: @BreathlessEx

My right leg is 1/2 inch shorter than my left leg.

I create balance every day.

My right leg being shorter, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12.

I connect with my body, stretch, and strengthen her, finding where she needs support.

Scoliosis pain has been an almost daily part of my life since childhood, causing back, shoulder, and neck pain, interrupting sleep and sometimes necessitating pain killers.

I relax into my body, releasing tension and investing time and money in practices like yoga, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic to stay healthy.

I’ve had two surgeries on my right knee, and only half the cartilage remains. I have early signs of arthritis.

I walk with mindfulness, giving attention to how I hold my body so I can move with ease and grace.

In giving birth to my son, I had a third-degree episiotomy tear, requiring stitches and weeks of recovery. 

I honor and love my delicate feminine parts, healing them and loving them so that pleasure becomes natural.

My thyroid is sluggish, and my hormones are shifting as I begin to enter middle age.

I eat to support my adrenals and thyroid, and avoid foods which drain my vital life force.

Then the imperfections become meaner, and more difficult to acknowledge:

My breasts are beginning to droop, and I sometimes think about reconstructive surgery. How much does a breast lift cost?

My breasts fed my son, and have done their beautiful work in the world, as they were intended to. I support them lovingly with comfortable, beautiful materials.

My chin and cheeks are beginning to sag, and I do facial exercises in the shower where no one can see me.

Each line and curve of my face has seen me through moments of love and courage in this life. They are telling the story of this woman’s legend.

My upper arms are saggy and very hard to tone. I hide them in pictures and under long sleeves.

These arms have held dear friends in tears. These arms have carried and nurtured my son as he grows. These arms carry water for plants, draw pictures, and write books. These arms are capable and strong.

I like to wear makeup, but does that make me part of the problem? Shouldn’t a good feminist not buy into the “beauty myth?”

How each woman expresses her beauty is her own, personal choice. I rejoice in expressing my vital essence, and appreciate other woman as they express themselves.

In examining each belief and rewriting it, I took the reins of my power again.

Michele is doing the same, as are millions of women who are shaking off the “should’s” and cultural rules about what our bodies are supposed to be.

This work is sacred, powerful, and damned life-saving.

Women, we must begin to rewrite the story of our beliefs about our bodies. Now. It allows us to reclaim each part of us, and heal each invisible wound that has been cut into our flesh.

And as we see how whole and healed we truly are, we connect with our strength and begin to show up in the world as centered, graceful, and wise.

We need to tame our lizard brain, acknowledge it, and be stronger. We also need to see how the culture we’ve lived in our entire lives makes us hyper-focused on how wrong and bad the feminine body is. In truth, your feminine body is your greatest source of possible strength, once you begin to accept and love her.

The world needs us to be connected to our strength now. The world needs you to see and love your body now. It begins with our relationship to our bodies. It begins with rewriting our own personal legends.

It begins today. If you’re ready to rewrite the legend of your body, apply for a 1-1 chat with me.  Together we will discuss if we are a good fit to begin private coaching:

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