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You run your business like a Lexus, but your personal life is a lemon

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.

You’ve been robbed, girlfriend. 

All this time you were led to believe that you don’t know what’s best for your body.
You were lied to, and it’s time to reclaim what’s rightfully yours:

Your connection with your body and soul.

It’s a crazy juxtaposition, because you’re actually pretty accomplished in your life: running things, organizing people, you have interesting skills and stories to share at cocktail parties. 

You know people see you as strong and smart. 

But when it comes to picking something to eat for lunch? 
You draw a blank. 

When it comes to trusting your gut about setting boundaries in your personal life?

If I asked you to listen to your body and ask her what she needs right now… 
would you listen? 
Would you hear her wisdom? 
Would you follow through? 

And you know, in that place in you that knows, 
that this is the stuff keeping you heavy, 
dissatisfied with all you’ve accomplished, 
keeping you distracted from what’s really important. 

It feels like you were robbed of your life while you were busy running your “life.”

Here’s the truth, sister: 

It’s time to sweep away the clutter of other people’s expectations, reconnect with your wise, bad-ass self, and life life by your own rules. 

That’s why I’m opening up applications for my private, high-level, 
Body + Soul Transformation Coaching

In our 10-month 1:1 time together, we’ll co-create a bevy of experiments that make it crystal clear what you want, what you should eat for your unique body, and what you’re tired of putting up with. 

Then you’ll start creating powerful boundaries and stop wasting energy and time on stuff that drives you nuts. 

Your relationships need to transform as much as your food planning. Let’s create something that suits your desires, tastes, and partners – and stop trying to reenact the psycho-drama you witnessed growing up. 

Body + Soul Transformation is about expanding your capacity for fun, living out your values, radical responsibility. 

Stop wasting time living a half-life. 

Apply for one of five open spots until 2018:


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