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A self-love note of hope

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


I know the pain of self-loathing, my dear friend.

Body, business, personality – I’ve made scorching accounts detailing every aspect of myself.

Sometimes the self-loathing gets so bad I need help getting out of it.

Can you relate? I thought so. We aren’t so different you and I…


So I wrote this for you, in case you’re circling the drain lately, hating on yourself, in any or all ways. This is a life-preserver sent with love:


Self-love is the goal, but we’ve placed conditions on our love.


I’ll love myself when I’m thin.

I’ll love myself when I make x$.

I’ll love myself when I have that picture-perfect home/partner/child.


Self-love means breaking the chains of what we believe the world expect from us.


Mainly to be forever young, thin, wealthy (oh, and don’t forget white)…(and thin)… (and sexy, but not too sexy.)


Self-love means knowing ourselves deeply, and loving ourselves not just in spite of, but because of what we see.

We must grant ourselves the same unconditional love that we give to babies and favorite pets.


We must endeavor to know ourselves, uncover the hidden places, examine them with love.

We must explore our true elements bravely.


Seeing all parts of ourselves, with love, is the necessary effort we need to break free of images important to society and other people.


When you seek to know yourself, pausing to ask why you eat, you turn away from harsh restriction and turn on self-reflection.


Self-reflection on what you’re feeling when you catch yourself wanting to eat.


In this way, you can discover the meaning of your eating and its place in your life.


If we break free of the “deprivation, conform, diet, and willpower” mindset of the diet culture that has us trying to change ourselves out of fear, we are then free to turn to love and desire, play, and pleasure for our motivation.


Discipline gets replaced with self-commitment.

Self-care is then fueled by our desire to know and love ourselves and live life more fully.

Our very human desire  be engaged in our lives, and to believe we are worthy of the joy we find.


I’m sending you love and hope for your desires to feel the joy you are so worthy of, sweet ones.




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