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10 Shawn Stevenson and Conditions for the Best Sleep Ever

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Shawn Stevenson on The Cravings Whisperer with Alexandra Jamieson

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra JamiesonStarved for sleep?

There’s a solution.

My next guest is Shawn Stevenson. He is a leading health and sleep expert, the creator of the highly successful podcast The Model Health Show, a founder of the advanced integrated health alliance and has an academic background in biology and kinesiology.

In this episode we dive into what life choices cause people to be starved for sleep. We explore the benefits of sleep and why it’s so important for a healthy, happy life.

Shawn’s clinical and personal experience is an inspiration and I’m excited to bring him to you. Let’s go…


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“I made the decision to get well. Come what may I was going to get well.  I wasn’t going to listen to any of the negativity, anybody telling me that I couldn’t do it and that it wasn’t possible.”  (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • Shawn’s own personal story and how he changed his sleep pattern
  • Sleep Smarter is about optimizing the sleep you are getting
  • Sleep is the anabolic state during which your body heals and changes
  • Prescription medication the way Shawn Stevenson experiences it
  • Is there truth behind the myth? Does more sleep before midnight help?
  • What is ‘money time’
  • How and why melatonin is the “get good sleep hormone”
  • A list of things you should do to prepare yourself for bed

“Part of the healing experience for me was getting high quality sleep.”  (Click to Tweet)

  • Why you should keep the bed just for sleeping and sex if you have sleeping problems
  • How couples with a TV in there room have 50% less sex
  • The benefits of good sex and orgasms
  • Why we crave carbohydrates
  • The correlation between better sleep and the ability to stay at a happy weight
  • How many pillows you should sleep with
  • The affects of insomnia on hormones and aging
  • Interesting facts and recommended tips to help with sleep apnea
  • The research behind the effects of alcohol and sleep
  • ‘The CPAP Machine’ and why it’s a short term fix
  • Your mattress and bedroom hygiene

“Anything we put in our body is sacred and we need to start treating it like that.”  (Click to Tweet)

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“Everything that’s quote on quote normal, is whats really robbing us of one of the most foundational pieces of our overall health.”  (Click to Tweet)


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