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Everywhere she looks, Alexandra Jamieson sees the same phenomenon. Our most valuable resource, women, are struggling.

They’re suffering due to the overwhelm and complexity of daily life, media, body-dysmorphia, and modern illnesses has disconnected them from their most powerful source of strength: their own bodies.

For the past thirteen years, Jamieson has been studying and teaching the functional nutrition, positive psychology, sexuality, and transformational coaching methodology. She contends that women everywhere need to heal their bodies with food, their discomfort with physical pleasure, all while healing their relationship with food. When women recognize and celebrate their power-source of physical pleasure and adopt a new way of living that places high value on desire, cravings, intuition, and sisterhood, their influence and opportunities are immeasurable.

If you’re looking for a speaker to create a transformative event,
not just another conference…

An inspiring story-teller to inspire and move people
to meaningful action…

A heart-centered, funny leader in health, the food landscape,
and women’s issues…


Stop looking, you found her:

I’m Alexandra Jamieson, and I love sharing inspiring tools + stories, and bringing together a community of people to create high-impact experiences.

A best-selling author, producer, entrepreneur, and consultant, I’ve been speaking and presenting from main-stages for over 10 years.

Weaving together stories, science, hilarious anecdotes, current events, personal experiences, as well as sharing strategies, take-away actions, and practical tools that participants can use right away, past event organizers express their gratitude and impressions of Alex’s work from the stage.

Praise for Alex:


Alex inspired every person in the room at our recent live event for women’s healthcare professionals. Alex brought a depth of wisdom, storytelling, and personality to her talk that made her presentation one of the favorites of the entire two-day event. Alex’s work to support the health of the whole woman is essential and effective, and I’m grateful that she was so open to sharing her wisdom with healthcare professionals who can now bring what they learned to patients all over the world.

Jessica Drummond
MPT, CCN, Founder: Integrative Women’s Health Institute


Alex Jamieson is a dynamic public speaker that knows exactly how to connect with an audience no matter what the demographic. Through the power of storytelling Alex brings to life real solutions for real people with her depth knowledge and experience when it comes to leading a healthy and happy life. Alex is also a very good listener and her ability to cut to the chase and simplify the message is in my opinion why her audiences come back for more.

Joe Cross
Chairman, CEO and Founder, Juicing with Joe


We needed someone who could inspire, motivate and educate with humor and love—Alex was perfect! For our annual Good Life Camp, we host hundreds of people from around the world and expectations are very high. It’s critical that the presenters we bring into our family are great in a room, super-knowledgable on their topic and good human beings, too. Alex rang all three bells! During her sessions, she wove together science, personal experience, and poignant stories to entertain and educate, and she also delivered practical, actionable take-aways to ensure the sessions weren’t just engaging, but also transformative.

Jonathan Fields
Founder, Good Life Project®


Alex’s Soulversation at Soul Camp 2014 was engaging, insightful, informative and thought provoking. It created an extremely interesting conversation amongst campers on the connection between food and desire. Alex is so conversational, we in the audience felt like we were sitting in her living room having a cup of tea, which was just so perfect for Soul Camp. We cannot wait to have her speak at all of our future camps to come!!

Michelle Goldblum
Founder & CEO: I AM. creative
Co-founder: Soul Camp


Having Alex Jamieson speak at Soul Camp 2014 was one of the best decisions we made. Not only was she enthusiastic and professional leading up to camp, we heard from our guests that they were so refreshed by Alex’s authentic and enlightening talk. They left feeling like Alex really understood what they were going through and that she had the exact tools they needed to have a better relationship with themselves and food. I can’t wait to have Alex speak at Soul Camp in the future.

Allison Leipzig
Co-founder: SoulCamp


Alex is the perfect blend of education and comedy. The room was alive with belly laughs and at the same time she gifted the attendees with so many pieces of tangible education regarding conscious eating and the messages we receive from our bodies that the attendees left entertained and informed. Alex has a gift!

Jennifer Johnston-Jones, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder, EntrepreneurShift & The Good Life Academy


After Alex spoke with my franchisees I got them to embrace the new ideas we were working towards.Alex’s mindset allowed our brand to openly discuss the need to not be mad a food trends but to embrace them. This was a major shift for us. Alex spoke to my franchisees is a way that made them understand that we need to embrace outside food expertise. She shifted our gaze outward.I wanted a speaker at our annual conference that has experience in successfully managing a dramatic change in the food business. She did a remarkable job relaying her story and experiences in a way that resonated with my audience. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker.

Michael Ferretti
CEO, Great Harvest


Alex gave a phenomenal talk infused with humor, useful information and inspiration. She has the unique ability to make a real emotional connection with her audience. After the talk people were lit up and lined up to get a book signed and spend a moment with her. Alex is a rare and special speaker who is a true expert but remains accessible…wait did I mention she is super funny too?

Terri Cole, LCSW



Women, Food, And Desire was the #1 Heath, Popular Psychology and Sexuality as well as the #1 New Release in Spirituality/Self-help on Amazon.com for several weeks running. I’ve been interviewed and featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News, Elle Magazine, O Magazine, Natural Health, Martha Stewart Living, and hundreds of online media outlets.

Speaking Topics:


Women and men operate differently. And the female entrepreneur or business leader embodies conflicting desires and responsibilities which can lead to overwhelm and burnout.
Through vulnerability, body-centered healing, heart-centered community building, and sustainable life-style hacks, today’s female leader can become empowered to take her business to the next level via a new path: her cravings and desires. Participants will dig deep into their personal mission statement, habits, and cravings to understand their next step, and leave with a powerful framework for growth.


We are disconnected from our selves, our souls, and each other. Understanding and embracing your cravings for food, experiences, and connection is the only true path to sustainable health. Diving into the four root causes of cravings, participants will connect their food and lifestyle with their purpose, and enjoy a series of experiments and group discussions. The end result is supportive community, clear tools and strategies for creating and maintaining the energy-growing actions necessary for well-being.


Our cravings are the gatekeepers to our deepest longings and desires. Transforming our habits can set us free, but in order to do that you must understand how habits work, and how to transform them. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom of “breaking habits” and “use more willpower” set forth by the Diet Industrial Complex. Embracing our sexual desires makes us more powerful. Growing powerful relationships and strengthening friendships is essential to a vital, passionate life, yet few adults know how to make new friends in this way. Tools and strategies for taking positive action with cravings are shared, discussed, and demonstrated.

Upcoming Speaking Appearances:

  • Washington DC Women Empower Expo, May 27th, 2017
  • 1440 Multiversity, Santa Cruz, CA, Oct. 21-22nd, 2017

Recent Public/Client Speaking Engagements:

  • One More Woman Event, New York City, January 2017
  • Integrative Women’s Coaching Event, New York City, January 2017
  • Integrative Health Expo, Davenport, Iowa, January 2017
  • Women, Food, And Desire Retreat, Ashvillage, Ashville, December 2015
  • InBound, October 2015
  • Well+GoodNYC, Montauk, NY, July + August 2015
  • JoJoCon, Decatur, August 2015
  • Terri Cole + Lara Touch Event, New York, May 2015
  • The Entepreneurial Shift, Los Angeles, January 2015
  • Good Life Camp, New York, October 2014
  • Soul Camp, New York, September 2014
  • Your Bella Life, New York, March, 2014
  • Terri Cole, New York City, February 2014
  • Western Washington State University, October, 2013
  • TEDx Women, Hoboken, October 2013
  • Great Harvest Annual Conference, Florida, March, 2013
  • Health Freedom Expo, Chicago, 2010 and 2011
  • Carleton College, Northfield, MN, January 2010
  • Health Freedom Expo, Long Beach, 2009, 2011, 2011
  • Howard College, Big Spring, Texas: October, 2009
  • Ohio State University, Columbus, OH: March, 2006
  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA: February 2005
  • American Heart Association, Chicago, 2005
  • Rutgers University, Camden, NJ: October 2004
  • Sundance Film Festival, Utah, 2004

If you’d like Alex to speak at your next event or your a media professional in need of her expertise, please contact her agent:

Speaking Agent: Sean Lawton
Keppler Speaker’s Bureau
(703) 516-4894

Literary Agent: Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc.