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“Starter” Boundaries

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


It happened again today…twice!

A dear client of mine had gotten clear on how she wanted to be treated, then stated her new boundary with her client. I recommended that she consider them “starter” boundaries. She soon discovered why:

The woman is testing and pushing this boundary. Big time.


Throwing up her hands, my client says to me “Why am I here again?! I’m failing at this!”

No way, I tell her. Here’s the TRUTH about boundaries:

When you state a starter boundary, the Universe/Life says…

“GREAT! So excited you have a boundary! LET ME HELP YOU PRACTICE THAT NEW BOUNDARY!”

Then you’ll get new tests. The same old people will act the same way, or new people will test that boundary.

You’re not failing! You’re practicing!

It’s part of the process. Like learning a new language. When you pick up something new, you need to try it out, make mistakes, see how it’s not working, and try again.

So keep up with those starter boundaries, sweet one! Life will help you get even clearer and better with holding them!


My clients tell me that our work, and consistent appointments, helps them create and hold boundaries they’ve needed to move forward in their lives. And so much more.

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