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Is this you? A tale of 2 women…

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Imagine a woman who wakes up every morning at 6am...or 6:30am, having hit snooze a few times. 
She doesn’t feel rested, and her mind is already racing. 
She has been waking up at 3am, worried, with a hundred thoughts and things to do. 
She’s tried sleeping pills, but hates them. 
She knows the lack of sleep is killing her focus and mood but she can’t quite get it sorted out. 
She starts coffee brewing and takes a fast, hot shower. 
Half of the time, the shower doesn’t even happen, as she opens her email, already feeling tense about what she’ll find when her screen fires up. 
She used to love mornings, but now they’re just an anxiety-filled race. 
Even weekends aren’t really relaxing. 
She’s either hung over, sleeps the day away, or packs her “days off” with all the work she didn’t finish during the week. 
Those mornings when she used to journal and do yoga? 
Walk or make a beautiful breakfast? 
A thing of the past. 
There are too many demands, people, and to-dos to handle as soon as her eyes open. 
Before she knows it, half the day is gone, her morning coffees have worn off, and she hasn’t spent any time on the things she really wants to do. 
Her passion projects languish. 
Her creative plans gather dust. 
Her self-care? Exercise? 
They feel like more of a time-consuming burden than helpful tools. 
She’s so tired of working out harder at the gym and seeing no results, 
feeling like it’s pointless. 
She feels irritated, heavy, unappreciated, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 
Like she’ll never get ahead, and she’ll never reclaim her time. 
She looks at the clock and realizes she’s starving. 
Grabbing a quick lunch she knows she “shouldn’t” eat, (but who has time to figure out something healthy), she eats at her desk, scarfing down bites. 
She plans to sit down and focus on what her heart really wants to spend time on, but then her meeting is happening and her schedule takes over. 
Her stomach starts to hurt, she feels bloated, her temples ache with a mild tension headache that always seem to be present these days, and her shoulders ache. 
She races through the end of the day, putting out fires, and makes it home only to flop down on the couch. 
She knows her passion and heart-centered-plans could use some attention this evening, but she doesn’t know where to start, and her body is so run down, she can’t muster the energy. 
There’s more to do, more responsibilities to take care of, laundry, pets, and obligations to handle. 
She grabs a glass of wine, the remote, and lets the day fade away. 
Regret settles in with her on the couch, and she promises to try and carve out time for herself tomorrow….again. 
With all of her success, all of her career wins, she still doesn’t feel satisfied. 
She’s powerful in her position. Juggling everything. Making it work. She knows the world sees her as powerful, in control, and she is seeing herself more as a leader… 
But more and more she feels that she’s close to breaking, that this way of leading isn’t authentic, or healthy, and that there must be another way… 
A year ago she thought she’d have time and space to create the passion projects she has been dreaming and talking about for so long. 
But with her growing team and responsibilities, she hasn’t managed to loosen her perfectionism, and her anxiety is always high. 
Her body feels heavy, worn down, and like things are going to get way worse if something doesn’t change. 
She sees women in her fields or online who make great money doing work they love, while seemingly working 40 hours a week or less. Those women look totally clear and certain about what they’re creating and bringing into the world, but what is their secret? 
She reads about women who create inspiring movements, deliver transformational services and teachings, and look so uniquely beautiful and happy in their bodies, without succumbing to the traditional standards of beauty and deprivation. She shakes her head and doubts it’s even possible… but she wants to try. 
She wants to “have it all,” like the women she reads about who seem to have an amazing work and personal life. She even knows a woman who seems to effortlessly have the partner of her dreams, a fun, loving family, rocks it at work, and even takes time off for meaningful vacations where she comes back filled up. 
How does she do it???! 
She wants to wake up every day feeling refreshed, strong, calm, joyful, sexy, and connected to her creativity. But she feels pulled in 20 directions at once and has no idea how to start creating this life she dreams about. 
Now imagine a woman who wakes up every morning feeling satisfied, ready, vital, happy in her body, and creatively charged up.
She stretches, remembering a lovely dream, and feels her body slowly move with juicy, delicious energy. Her mind is calm and focused, and her inner voice is already telling her this will be a good day! 
She spends a little time writing her intentions, thoughts and a heart-felt gratitude list for her life as the sun begins to light up her room, the house quiet and cozy. She feels confident about the day ahead. 
Taking a mug of tea outside, having eaten an easy, healthy breakfast, and settles into her hammock in the morning air, eyes closed as the sun warms her body and the world around her. 
She feels supported, whole, and totally at ease. 
She feels open and accepting, abundant, and connected to the world, her mission, and her place in the Universe. 
She checks in with her wonderful team, and takes a quick call, finalizing a great deal with her new overseas client. Her work has brought her in contact with fabulous people, and she’s thrilled that this new opportunity is bringing her not only a big bonus, but a chance to travel to a city where she has always wanted to spend more time. This client even wants to introduce her to another opportunity, expanding her network in effortless, aligned ways. 

She can feel that she’s on the verge of an even bigger level of leadership, impact and abundance. She has mastered the Uncommon Skills of Deliciously Happy Women Who Lead…
She turns on some great music and takes a nice, long, hot shower. 20 minutes latershe goes to her closet and chooses a beautiful outfit made of sumptuous material. Her reflection shines and she lovingly adorns herself with a professional, creative style that she has developed over the years. 
Sliding into her work morning, she has several client meetings that go beautifully – their feedback on their current work together is glowing and filled with tales of growth and success. Tears come to her eyes at least once with the joy she feels in supporting people do even better in their own work! 
She takes a break for lunch, enjoying a yummy, healthy meal that she prepared the night before. Looking out the window, and reading her favorite inspirational magazine, she feels refreshed after taking a nice break and nourishing her body. 
After spending the afternoon on her latest creative project, she checks in with her team and email, and wraps up the day with plenty of time for an early evening stroll. The time alone in nature feels like a soothing, sacred movement practice, so different from how she used to force herself to work out. 
That evening she sits down for a lovely dinner with the people she loves most in the world. A friend comes over and helps make the fun, healthy dinner, and they have a night filled with laughter, good food, and deepening connection. These simple dinners are a common occurrence in her household, and they feel so easy to put together. 
Her romantic partner runs her a hot bath with her favorite essential oils, and she emerges to find the house ready for bed, cleaned, and prepared for the next day. She feels sexy and ready for love, lights some candles, and calls her sweetheart to join her. 
As she drifts off to sleep, comfortable, relaxed, and filled with gratitude, she feels proud of the day she created, the work she accomplished, and the life she has designed. She feels totally at peace and sets a loving intention for herself, the people she loves, and the world around her. 
She feels in her bones that she is truly powerful in creating her life. 
She feels in her heart that her work and her mission matter. 
She feels in her body that she is whole, loved, and lovable. 
She believes that her body is wise, wonderful, and deserving of pleasure. 
She knows that she is supported by Life to continue on her path of growth. 
She feels aligned and honest about who she is and what she wants. 
She knows she is safe to show up and be herself. 
She feels her worth
A little secret? 
Both of these women are real, not some made up fairy tale, and even cooler… 
It’s the same woman. 
The “before” woman was a wonderful client before we began our 10-month MistressMind program, and the “after” is her now. 
If you have a vision of how you want your life to look, how you want to feel in your body, and the kind of woman you desire to be, the path to creating it all is clear: 
Begin to make choices like that woman now… 
Begin to invest in your life and body like that woman now… 
Begin to operate as if you are already her, today. 
Are you ready for your life to be surprisingly abundant and easy? 
Are you ready to step into your next phase of leadership with deep confidence? 
Are you ready to simply transform your body, and thoughts about your body? 
Are you ready to deeply connect and be bravely vulnerable in creating your life? 
The time for “fitting in” and “crushing” your life’s goals is gone. 
It’s time to realize that the world needs women like you, who have come alive. 
Women, like you, who decide that playing small is serving no one. 
Women, like you, who know they are on the sidelines of creating something new and powerful. 
Women, like you who are ready to step onto the field of creating what’s next. 
Your soul and life’s work are waiting for you to leap and trust that you’ll land safely. 
But you must make the choice to stand and leap, in order to be the bold woman the world needs more of. 
The leader that only you can be. 
Applications for the 2018 MistressMind are open until November 11th
Choose from your soul. 
Trust that you’re worth it and that now is your time. 
This adventure is open to up to 12 women, and 2 spots are already spoken for. 
Apply here for the MistressMind:


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