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Tell Your Story, Heal Your Life, Grow Your Biz

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


Humans learn best through stories.

We get inspired by them and inspire ourselves through creating them. 

We find healing through them, and offer healing through sharing them.

We understand our place in the world and make meaning out of our life experiences through stories:

  • Therapy helps us make sense of and meaning from our stories.
  • Writing helps us learn from our stories, and create new ones.
  • Speaking, acting, improv, and other arts help us tell our stories.

As a coach, writer, podcaster, and workshop leader, I’ve used storytelling as a way to connect with womxn who are looking for growth and change in their life and business.

Here’s a writing exercise my husband and I are using to help us prepare to edit and launch our next book, Radical Alignment (you will see me share more about it this winter):

*Art = the book you are writing, the program you created and are selling, the platform you are building, the podcast, free ebook, business, etc.

  • Find a quiet place where you can spend 30 minutes. 
  • Write it on paper, use a computer, or if you prefer to speak your ideas, open a new audio note and hit record.

Tell your story: 

  • Tell why you made this Art…
  • What inspired you? 
  • What experiences did you have that led you to create this?

Tell their story: 

  • Who did you create this for? 
  • Why do you want people to read it or have it? 
  • What is possible for them when they have or use your Art?

Get clear. Paint a picture. Tell your story. 

Ready to tell your story in a new, powerful way that brings healing, inspiration, and growth to yourself and others?

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I’ll be in touch after I read your story 😉