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The Blu Premiere: NYC

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Sharks were splashing down Broadway last week, and I don’t mean the normal financial executives from Wall Street.

It was actual sharks. launched last week in New York City, and the sky-high screens of Times Square lit up with blue water, larger-than-life fish, and sharks swimming past building windows.

theBlu turtle1 theBlu: Interview With Neville Spiteri, Creator Of The Virtual Ocean World

The Blu is a remarkable virtual program where you can create your own ocean – and it’s incredibly soothing to watch. Watching the free starter version is akin to an afternoon at the shore – without the seagulls or beach trash. (Sorry Snookie)

To kick off the launch, creators Neville Spiteri (fiancé of delicious friend and Mink vegan shoe designer Rebecca Mink) and Scott Yara presented the second-life-ish online program on the screens above Times Square –

The results of their years of work is amazing. Spend a few bucks to buy a fish or shark to inhabit your underwater virtual world, and the money goes to ocean conservation projects and non-profits – so now your relaxation escape is helping protect the real deal.

I have to say, overlooking the crowds of tourists and busy New Yorkers rush past on Times Square was a site to behold – and meeting Director Louie Psihoyos from the Oscar winning documentary The Cove was a highlight of the party. (He’s working on a new documentary about global species extinction, so keep an eye out!)

the cove director Louie Psihoyos, Alex Jamieson & Bob Gower at

Finally, it was a total blast to meet my DeliciousVitality reader Kaarli Tasso, who is a super-user of The Blu and absolutely adores relaxing at the end of the day to the underwater world that she’s created.

Kaarli Tasso and Alex Jamieson at The Blu launch in NYC

I highly recommend you check out this free program online and consider donating some money to get yourself a fish or two.

AND ~ I’m giving away a limited edition archival print of an original work of art called K-Town, an interpretation of the Queen Angelfish by artist Hugo Shih, from The Blu.

To win, leave a comment here on my blog by 5/18 or click below to tweet:

 Built an ocean – Most relaxing thing I’ve done all day! Try, win limited edition print on @DeliciousAlex:


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