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The ROI on your JOY (peek at my vacation!)

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


I love this work. I wake up every morning excited to find new ways of supporting women to heal, lead, and create – it is such an honor. Truly. To witness a woman grow her strengths, earn more, feel better, and give more to the world is stunning! 

(I’m about to teach you how to make bigger, faster progress in your life goals right now – ready? Pay attention…)

Part of this work is that I have to show up honest, strong, and rooted in integrity so I can demonstrate what my clients want and need:

  • Great boundaries
  • A clear vision for what’s next
  • Self-trust
  • Courage
  • Trust in, and love for, my body
  • Resilience
  • Fierce compassion
  • Faith.

It comes with challenges, for sure. What’s one of the hardest things we driven women try to do, and need to do, but are really bad at?

Take. Time. OFF.

Down time. Digital detoxing. Vacations without the laptop. Email-free days.


Here are a few things I’ve heard from real clients as the “take time off” conversation starts:

“If I don’t do this training while I’m away, I’ll be behind when I get back to work.”

“My clients paid for access to me. If I go totally off-the-grid they’ll be angry or fall of track.”

“I’m just addicted – if I don’t look at my email I get anxious.”


“I don’t feel like I deserve the time off because I haven’t reached my goal yet.”


This last one feels very familiar to me. In fact, I heard this thought in my own head last week as I was planning my yearly trip home.


Then I heard an even stronger thought:

The ROI on your JOY leads to better work, more profits, and impact.

It’s part of the success plan. And if it’s not, it needs to be from here on out.


RIGHT! (Thanks Universe – I forgot for a moment)

If I fake my vacation, or don’t truly take the time off, then that fake vibe will permeate everything I do, write, and how I coach. People can feel inauthenticity.


It’s so clear:

If all we do is work, work, WORK, we don’t take space to really rejuvenate, and there’s no space for ingenious creativity to play. We get haggard. Bitter. Irritable and anxious. We give more and get less for our efforts.


Last week I coached a woman who just left a successful career as a TV Producer to create her own creative consulting business, on this exact topic. She said to me:


“My body just feels like it’s slowing down in middle age. I crave carbohydrates all the time, even though I broke my sugar addiction a while ago. It makes me tired and I’m not productive in the afternoons. What should I do?”


She was surprised at my next question: “What is your menu of pleasure like?”


We talked about what she does for fun, joy, and how much times she gives herself to play. As a 50-ish woman who just pivoted her career, she was surprised by this line of thinking.


I explained that, as humans, we are Pleasure Seeking Machines. We need fun, joy, and real physical pleasure on a regular basis.


If we make our whole life about work, our body will rebel and start craving carbs.

Or our desires will get more extreme for sugar, alcohol, shopping, or other not-so-healthy or satisfying activities that give us a hit of dopamine.


She came up with her top 3 easy pleasures and I made her plug them into her calendar:

  • Dance class
  • Long walk with the dog in Central Park
  • Take a real weekend off. “Not this I’ll work Saturday morning kind of weekend.”


Make your Joy a daily priority and you’ll have less cravings for carbs, more energy and focus, therefore more productivity and success.


So truly, the ROI of your Joy (call it play, pleasure, or whatever you like) is that you’ll feel satisfied, grounded, healthy, and ready. You’ll be relaxed and ON. Magnetic.


THAT’S why I’m so excited for my upcoming vacation. Every year I go to visit family in Oregon, my home state. We spend time river rafting, seeing friends, and always go to my very favorite place in the whole world…


The Sylvia Beach Hotel:

The Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR


This hidden bed and breakfast has NO Wifi, no phones in the rooms, no TVs, and is meant for one thing… reading.


We love to stay in the Mark Twain room, which has a private balcony and claw-foot bathtub. There is a 24-hour tea service in the community kitchen, and a gigantic library looking over the beach with comfy chairs and couches.


It’s my version of heaven.

(And since my first visit 22 years ago, I’m usually the youngest person staying there. #granniegoals)


It’s a forced separation from my phone, social media, work, and the fast-paced life of NYC.


After a few days of quiet reflection, long beach walks, fresh seafood, and hours of reading I am refreshed, focused, grateful, and ready to re-engage. I’ve been known to come back with fabulous new ideas for a book or program to offer my clients.


There’s a real joy to returning to life when you’ve given yourself deeply fulfilling experiences.


I’m a better mom, wife, and coach when my desires are met. My business thrives because my work is better, and my highly driven clients feel that I’m authentic in my recommendations for them to show up for their own desires.


YOUR work, bank account, body, energy, and relationships will thrive when you feel deeply nourished, too. I promise.


Need a major energetic shift in your work, relationships, or well-being?

Do this:

Commit to true R&R. Your ROI will be huge. 


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