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222 3 Thinking Traps: Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, Analysis-Paralysis


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In today’s short Power Pod episode, we are diving deep into a particular topic that comes up a lot in my work with clients. We’re discussing 3 Thinking Traps that are stopping driven and success-minded woman from achieving what they want. Today’s word is NOT just for women, and NOT just for my clients, so listen up!

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Show Highlights:

  • One of the clear themes that has come up recently in my work with clients: we have desires that are diametrically opposed
  • 3 Thinking Traps that come up when we try to evolve, enlarge, and enrich our lives:
    • Analysis Paralysis–This trap occurs when you overthink so much that you don’t take action.
      • The solution is to find a coach to help you see the repetitive and circular avoidant thinking for what it is—and help you take action.
    • Imposter Syndrome–This trap occurs when you can’t own your accomplishments and skills, and you live with the constant fear that you’ll be discovered as a fraud and a liar.
      • The solution is to do a lifetime achievement exercise to highlight your strengths and accomplishments.
    • Perfectionism–This trap occurs when you have a refusal to accept anything less than perfect from yourself.
      • The solution is to get clear about the value of your work and take the attention off yourself and onto the people you can help.
  • Look out for the sneaky ways these traps creep into our lives and businesses!

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