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Tiny Acts of Courage = BIG Confidence

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Did you believe, when you were younger, that once you found the right partner, then you would feel worthy of love?

And then did you discover, through trial and error, that you found more suitable partners once you were already feeling your worth?

Sometimes we get things backwards, and discover that we need to do B before we can truly have A.

Here’s one mindset that needs a big reversal:

It’s the “Once I feel confident, then I’ll be courageous” way of thinking.

Have you ever thought these things:

  • Once I drop the 20 lbs. then I’ll feel sexy.
  • Once I create my perfect website, then I’ll go find clients.
  • Let me get another certification, then I’ll feel like an expert.
  • Once I’m confident, then I’ll take regular risks and courageous action.

…and on and on. 

I believe that once you act regularly with courage then you’ll own your confidence.

This is an ode to courage, in service of your confidence.

This is a manifesto for your bravery, to grow your self-assuredness. 

A call to your Creatrix, who will nourish your boldness.

Tiny Acts of Courage (TACs): (noun + verb)

Small, authentic actions towards your desires. Also: aligned actions.

TACs are standing up for your beliefs, out loud, in front of people who need to hear you take that stand. A TAC is acting on your desires, or creating your intuition into reality.

Tiny Acts of Courage are any time you honestly, vocally, tell your truth, or make bold moves outside your comfort zone towards your dreams:

  • Tiny Acts of Courage are starting an online business. 
  • A TAC is writing the book proposal. And possibly: 
    • submitting it to an agent, or
    • self publishing, not waiting for permission anymore
  • Starting your podcast
  • Sending the email to an investor to set up a meeting
  • Pitching your idea to a potential client or partner
  • Asking for a meeting with a potential customer
  • Telling your mother that you won’t be staying at her house anymore when you come to visit. (THAT’s a TAC, too!)

The courage to be yourself, through action and words, leads you to a deeply rooted self-confidence that wasn’t available before.

In the past you edited yourself. You softened your words, or went with the crowd. You bent in the wind like a tree until you nearly broke touching the ground.

Once you make these tiny acts of courage, you’ll have a growing sense of authentic poise that wasn’t available before.

Once you have a few small wins of TACs under your belt, you’ll find a settled confidence that is unquestionable. It’s authentically you.

It’s through the tiny acts of courage when you finally feel yourself. You’ve trusted yourself, believed in your dreams, and finally acted on your own behalf.

Then you feel like you’ve earned the self-worth and confidence that you’ve always searched for.

So dear mentee, I have a coaching experiment for you: 

How will you courageously take a step towards your authenticity today?

What is your courageous act?

What are you waiting for?

A few steps to make it real and set things in motion:

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