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It’s time to take your next step to grow, heal, and create. Make your mark while doing less, having more fun, feeling connected, and finally being YOU.

The Vitality Mentorship. Our acclaimed, curated, and transformational 10-month journey for creative, professional women who are ready to step into their next level of living, earning, loving, and recognition.

You’re hungry for real connections…
BUT feel a lack of authentic, inspiring, supportive friendships.

You’re ready to reconnect with your worth and reclaim your spark…
YET don’t know how to take the effective steps in doing so.

You desire creativity and more “me time”…
AND you still put your own nourishment and needs last on the priority list.

You want to feel motivated and inspired to treat yourself better…
BUT asking for help and support is hard because it feels like admitting failure.

You crave real moments, energy, and clarity…
AND you suspect toxic relationship and food habits are draining you.

You want to feel strong, confident, and focused enough to go for what you want…
BUT anxiety keeps you from seeing your next steps in life.

You want to share your gifts and talents with the world…
YET feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first to heal your body and your life.

You really desire to inspire and support other women in your own unique way…
BUT fear others will judge you as not good enough, or see your inner imposter syndrome.

And these wishes all seem like some kind of dream life, out of reach.


  • Are you struggling with your energy, overwhelm, and daily to-do list so much that you have no time or motivation for your own self care?
  • Do you wish you had a trusted friend and guide (AKA Yours Truly) and a supportive community of inspiring, caring, smart women to lovingly hold you as you pursue big life desires?
  • Are you afraid you’ll forever be stuck in self-doubt while your life passes by and the vitality and joy you desire stay out of reach?
  • Do you long to stand out and be known for your unique ideas instead of wasting time and energy trying to fit in and fly below the radar?

You, my creative, caring, woman who wants it all, may be an ideal candidate for the 10-month Vitality Mentorship coaching program.

Before you explore all the details…

I’d like to introduce you to some women who transformed their lives while working with me.

What these women wanted more than anything, was a trusted advisor + accountability partners, committed to helping them learn the tools and focus on their next best step, without the overwhelm. That is my strength, my magic, my mission in life.I am passionate about helping creative, professional women who want to live their most authentic, creative, vital life to get the support they need to bring their unique strengths into the world.

To feel whole, deserving, confident, and share their magic with us, so that they can finally feel like their best, most authentic selves.

This is a personal invitation for you to apply for my upcoming
10-month mentorship program and make 2019 a game changer.

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I know what it’s like…

I have suffered from physical illness and emotional self-sabotage and it kept me stuck and struggling in my life, vitality, career, income, and relationships.

At one point I suffered from daily migraine headaches, 30 extra pounds, exhaustion, depression, a failing relationship, and was going crazy working in a way that I knew was not my life’s passion.

I was so sick and stressed all the time, I didn’t have the clarity, energy, or space I needed to make the changes that I felt truly aligned with.

When I finally committed to heal my body, and follow my true path, and let go of the pain and extra weight, my body-confidence came back, and my self-confidence emerged stronger than ever before. I created a career in healing, coaching, and publishing that has been my honor to pursue with passion every day for the last 16 years.

But there was another bump in the road – a serious gaping sinkhole: at the age of 34 I discovered my marriage was a sham, my career had been put on hold to raise my son, and my hormones and health were tanking again from the stress and a 10-year experiment with a diet that didn’t work anymore.

And I was so scared to admit to the world (and myself) that everything I knew wasn’t working.

I had to leave my marriage, start my business all over again from scratch, and endure the public shaming by people I called friends that came with admitting I was no longer vegan, after having written 3 vegan cookbooks.

I know you can relate:

  • You crave feeling vital and alive. Yet you’ve lived for so long with habits that suck your time and drain your energy, you can’t see which changes to make next
  • It’s scary to admit your diet, lifestyle, relationships, or career aren’t working for you. They may be pretty good, but if they aren’t really lighting you up and helping you come alive, you’ll keep going back to food and toxic habits that keep you from living full out…
  • Your body craves joyful movement and freedom, but you’re stuck behind a desk, or get lost in taking care of other people’s priorities…
  • Your soul is crying out for creative fun and contribution to the world, but you have endless reports, stressful travel, or countless meetings on your calendar…
  • You lack a connection with other women you can trust, who care about the same things, but don’t know how to find a circle to really be a part of, fast…
  • Your job is stressful, and while you’ve been successful there, it’s not working for you right now, and you need to create and hold new boundaries…
  • You’re working like a dog to make your dreams become a reality, building a new business, getting that promotion, or pivoting professionally, and you don’t know if you can keep up with the demands and lack of fun you think is required to become a success.

Taking time for you feels undeserved and near impossible.

And this doesn’t feel like living.
It feels like purgatory.
Time is wasting and you’re tired of putting yourself, your desires, on hold.

I know what you want and I can help you get it, just like I’ve helped thousands of other women.


Feel free, strong, and confident in your own body and your voice…

…Instead of obsessed and frustrated with how you look and feel.

Get into supportive, nourishing, fun community with women…

…and end the suspicion, competition, and fear of being stabbed in the back.

Makeover your schedule and your boundaries…

…Ending the time-sucking and energy-draining stuff you don’t want or need to do.

Wake up refreshed in the morning…

…Calm and ready to have a really good day, every day.

Feel connected to your family & friends…

…Rather than overworked and frazzled.

End headaches, pain & out of control sugar cravings…

…So that you feel in control.

Grow your success in a way that feels authentic and aligned…

…While preserving precious “me time”.

Take those favourite clothes out of the back of the closet…

…And bring them back into rotation for a unique self-expressed style.

End or change toxic relationships…

…As well as toxic habits and mind chatter so that you can truly love yourself.

Finally love living…

…In your precious body, doing work you love, connecting with people you admire.

I’ve seen too many women regret the years that flew by, while they put all their effort into someone else’s agenda, and not taking the “me time” necessary to live their own life.That’s why I’ve created this Vitality Mentorship for a group of up to 20 women. This is the 5th year in a row, and the circle of support and growth gets better every time. This is your opportunity to get the support and motivation you need to make your life, health, dreams, and body truly your own.

What is this coaching program?

  • You and I will talk on the phone (or video Skype) once a month for private coaching. In our sessions we’ll get clear on your goals, challenges, habits, and next steps to focus your time and precious resources on what truly matters to you.
  • You get personalized nutrition, mindset, and boundary strategies to help make food and decision making easy. And you begin to feel lighter, freer, calmer.
  • We will join together with the other members of the group twice a month in a private group video session for authentic community, inspiration, accountability and laser coaching so you can get the support of the group as well as extra training and insights from me on how to make your life and health easier and more fun
  • The most supportive, inspiring, change-making group coaching program I offer.

this is for you if…

  • You’re ready to make time for yourself, go on an adventure to NYC and San Diego and be a part of a group of women you can be supported by while you contribute to their growth.
  • Authenticity is one of your core values. You’re willing to dig deep and be honest.
  • You’re committed to making a big leap in your professional and personal life in the next year.
  • You’re sick of self-sabotage, self-punishment, and are ready to make your body and food your friends.
  • You love learning new tools, and you’re willing to be coached
  • You’re willing to try something completely new, feel the fear and do it anyway
  • You have a sense of humor about yourself and life
  • You are willing to be patient and believe that a new lifestyle and mindset, based on Positive Psychology + Functional Nutrition, will help you love your body and life more, and you’re committed to seeing it through.
  • You shy away from your partner seeing you naked, and when it comes to sex you’re not in the mood as much as you’d like to be
  • You’re a coach craving a mentor to help you grow or pivot your business and help you walk your talk so you don’t feel like a fraud
  • You’re done with caring what other people think + finally want to live your own life
  • You’re a high-powered professional woman who spends more time on meetings and emails than taking care of yourself, and you’ve realized that if you don’t start dating/having fun/painting/enjoying your life now, you may end up unfulfilled and miserable
  • You’re a Mom who has lost herself and wants to get your feminine, powerful, sexy self back
  • You know you’re meant for great things but you have no idea what to do next and don’t have the courage to start taking risks to find out
  • You really want a relationship but the idea of dating makes you anxious
  • You want to free up your mental energy by achieving great eating habits so you don’t have to think through/debate about food all the time and move on to focusing on other areas in your life where you can create meaning and make a difference
  • You’re a smart woman who seems to have everything together except for this stuff that seems so simple

A review from Alyssa Patmos:

I would simply say this… if you aren’t going to invest in yourself, who will? The whole coaching experience is amplified by the retreat and it’s something most mentors don’t offer. I invested in this program based on my gut, not even knowing all of Alex’s background, and I’m so glad I did. Working with Alex is like therapy, tough love, and an education on what it can mean to have it all, all in one. She doesn’t give you all the answers, she helps you find your own answers, which makes the investment last so much longer. Do it if you can feel yourself wanting more. More self-love, more acceptance, more purposeful action.

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Here’s how it works:

There are only 20 spots open for this program, so you can expect the kind of support you’d get from a dear friend plus the attention and doting you’d expect from a fairy godmother (my clients call me “Glinda, The Good Witch” and you can expect presents, surprises, and more).

Fill out this application.

I will read every application and offer a private phone consultation to you if we feel like a good fit – please know the application is a chance to discover more about your situation and desires, and does not guarantee an invitation, nor does it commit you to joining.

Once we have our phone consultation, you will be invited to join the Vitality Mentorship, and will receive next steps on making our private coaching appointments, a schedule of group calls, starting January 5th, retreats, and more.

  • private

    Private Calls

    You and I will speak via phone or Zoom video conferencing, once a month.

    This is about creating a fun, rich lifestyle and eating plan that helps you come alive, every day.

  • Group Calls

    Twice a month, starting with a bonus kick-off call January 5th, we will have a small group call with the other Vitality Members, so you can get more support, tools, quick fixes, and coaching on your goals and desires, as well as Positive Psychology training to master your mindset.

  • retreats


    One real-life weekend in San Diego on March 2-3,  one virtual “kick-off” gathering on the first New Moon of 2019 on January 5th, one real-life full-day in NYC on May 11.

  • private-email

    Private Access

    Life happens! You will have private support from me, as well as group support from our Vitality members on a private Facebook group. When crazy things come up, or you’re in need of a friend or advice on eating, living, or taking action, I and the other members will be there for you

  • techsupport

    Tech Support

    My community manager Toi is our “virtual mama” – she will help us with technical support, scheduling, and any questions you have about signing up for this program.

In our private calls I may:

  • Take you through creating new boundaries with family or work
  • Guide you through a deep meditation to connect with your intuition
  • Change out your dairy for coconut milk
  • Have you go to a pole dancing class
  • Give you a pass for online art classes
  • Help you tell your boss you need a lunch break – every day
  • Create an easy meal plan for your next work trip
  • Brainstorm new ideas and strategies for your coaching practice
  • Have you start a daily Warrior Walk practice
  • Send you a book that will change your outlook and your life
  • Create a day-long adventure for you in your city to get out of your rut
  • Send you guided meditations for success, healing, or relaxation
  • Set up a weekly gratitude practice
  • Help you set up your online dating profile
  • Introduce you to your new favorite massage therapist or yoga teacher
  • Help you have the courageous conversation that needs to be had
  • Encourage you to say no to 90% of your calendar … and YES to the 10% you really care about
  • Have you buy a hula hoop or a hammock
  • Challenge you to apply for your dream job, or ask for a raise
  • Prep for that promotion
  • Hire a stylist to recreate your wardrobe for the body you are in now

The value of Vitality

I have been coaching for over 15 years, and have helped thousands of women change their lives and their bodies with love, joy, fun, and true nourishment.

My private 6-month coaching costs between $7500 and $15,000.

Here’s what’s included and how much the program is truly worth:

  • 10 months of 1:1 coaching with Alex Value: $15,000
  • 2 group retreats Value: $10,000
  • Gifts and surprises Value: $500
  • Access to master guest teachers Value: $1000
  • Lifetime community with women who hold our vision Value: Priceless

Total Value: Over $26,000

Your Investment: $9000

The real value is that you have your life, energy, confidence, and body back.

It’s Time

The stakes are high. And real.

This is about fully engaging in your life, supporting yourself with mindset tools to help you out of stuck-ness, overwhelm, and giving your power away to others.

This is about nurturing yourself, your inner cravings, and your life habits so you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way, support your family without feeling depleted, and know, in your bones, that you have what it takes.

Apply for a spot now.

Apply Now

You will be taken to my secure online application which will
be emailed to me, and I’ll get back to you.


If I fill out the application, am I immediately enrolled?+
Why only 20 women? More people must want to join!+
I’ll be on vacation at some point. Will I miss my calls with Alex?+
How will I know if the other women in the group are the right fit for me – or if I’m the right fit for them?+

You know it’s time…

…that life is asking you to make a change, and your body is begging you for loving, nurturing daily habits.

You know there will be uncertainty on this new path: new foods, new habits, shedding the sh!t that doesn’t work anymore…

But you also know, bone deep, that it’s TIME to step into onto this new path with support and make your life your own.

It’s time, rock star. Let’s do this together.

Apply Now

If you have any trouble with the application process, please email
my community manager, Toi at: support -at- alexandrajamieson -dot- com