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The Wake Up Happy Collective Membership is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, inspirational guidance mixed with some of Alex’s archived teachings that are super powerful.

Each month Alex shares the latest and greatest content (including everything she’s exploring in her own life, readings, and personal searches) along with her signature, tried-and-true tools, lectures, and more.


Well I think you and I would be best buds!

I’ve often thought how much I would have loved to have a teacher to guide me on my own journey, with regular check ins and prompts to keep me on target with following my soul’s true desires.

A gentle guide who reminded me that I’m worthy of what I want, my desires are divine, and that shame is just an old story not worth carrying anymore.

It can be challenging to stay committed to your personal growth, food, and health goals with how busy life gets. Many people tell me that clear direction helps them move in a clear direction, that short email reminders allow them to pause and refocus, breathe, and reconnect to themselves.

These ideas have all come together because of a Facebook post from a woman like you:

“I forget to commit to myself.
I need consistent doses of inspiration to stay on track and love myself!”

This post really touched my heart: it is finally time for me to create an offering that gives a regular connection to new tools and practices. With this craving for consistent connection in mind I chose to create The Wake Up Happy Collective Membership.

This super simple, yet totally awesome, subscription platform allows us to stay connected on every step of your spiritual path. Even on your most chaotic days, you can log in and instantly access the perfect exercises and inspiration you need to create a calm, energy, and freedom in your life, mind, and body right now.



The Wake Up Happy Collective Membership is a monthly subscription that helps women stay consistent on their path to self-love, managing their emotional eating, and true well-being with easy access to my brand new lessons, guided meditations, and a daily place to connect and remember that you are wise, worthy, and well.

Each month I’ll be sharing the latest and greatest content (including everything I’m exploring in my own life) along with my signature, tried-and-true tools, lectures and more.

Here’s what you’ll receive every month:

  • One brand new guided meditation audio download that helps you heal your emotional eating, expand your love for your body, connect to your intuition, expand your mindset to be growth oriented, and feel joy and freedom in every area of your life.
  • One live group coaching call every month with Alex on the 1st at 1pm ET in which I’ll teach empowering lessons and strategies to elevate your thinking, habits, and change your perception of your body and true self.
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group to grow your connection to the amazing group of powerful, loving women who are also on this self-love and mindset mastery path
  • Special deals and bonuses! As a member of the Wake Up Happy Collective community you’ll get big discounts off digital programs, my supplement shop, live events and select group coaching programs.
  • One Monthly Power Question will be emailed to you to use as a journaling prompt and help you live into your highest cravings and desire.

What’s a power question? Here’s an example:

Bring to mind a challenge or desire in your life. Now imagine you are your 70 year old self…
What would your 70 year old self tell you to do about this?

The benefits of being a Wake Up Happy Collective Member:

  • It’s like having a personal emotional eating and life coach! Every month I’ll be in your headphones and on your screen offering you new insights, inspiration, and clear direction so you can feel supported and strong on your personal growth journey. Don’t have time or money for a life coach? With the Wake Up Happy Collective Membership you’ll have the coaching you need to stay on track to sustain your commitment to your body and life at an awesomely affordable rate.
  • You’ll struggle less with staying consistent. The Mindset Mastery offers gentle teachings that will guide you and help you dance back onto the forward path.
  • Old habits will fade away. Each month’s lesson and email will help you get into action immediately and create lasting change. You’ll stop repeating the same old mistakes and start creating the ease and freedom you truly crave.
  • You’ll create a meditation practice that works…finally. My monthly meditations will be available to you for simple, easy to enjoy relaxation. All you have to do is press play, or download to your phone for meditation on the go. I will lead the way. My goal is to help you release stress and anxiety and reconnect with your body and big life goals with ease.
  • A pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. It’s easy to show up for yoga or meditation, journaling, or joyful movement when you’re having a good day, but it’s not easy on bad days when we really need it. Show up fully, even in those rough moments. All you have to do is tune into the Wake Up Happy Collective Membership or jump over to the private Facebook group for your dose of reconnection and inspiration to feel back on track and loving your body.
  • You’ll save money! Your Wake Up Happy Collective Membership will save you money. Members get a discount on my most popular courses. As long as you’re a member your discounts never expire, so the moment you feel ready to dive deeper, you can jump in at the best rate I can offer.
  • Don’t let shame and exhaustion keep you from living the life you crave. Get the Mindset Mastery Membership and make self-care and self-love easy and joyful.

There are two great ways to sign up:


*REFUND POLICY: You have 30 days to try out the Mindset Mastery Membership. If you feel it’s just not your thing, we’re happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase only.

What folks are saying…

I’ll remember and take with me what I have learned from Alex throughout my entire life.

Amy S.

Alex’s meditations really help me reconnect to my body and relax – sugar isn’t my only tool anymore and I’m eating it less and less to calm down.


The group and Alex’s coaching calls are so great – what an amazing group of women!

Michelle J.


It’s TimeLet’s do this!

Are you ready to commit to your ongoing growth, health, and mindset? Sign up for the Wake Up Happy Collective Membership today for tons of fresh content I can’t wait to share with you! I’ll be your shameless cheerleader along every step of your journey. No matter how busy you are, I’ll be there to support and inspire you each month with the Mindset Mastery Membership.

Why wait? It’s time to love your body as you create the life you truly crave.


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