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We’re Like Lobsters… and that’s good.

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We’re like lobsters…
(stick with me – this helps with Imposter Syndrome)

Like the gorgeous scarlet and magenta crustacean, we grow and develop a hard, protective shell over and over again.

At each stage of our internal growth, we swell and expand from within, and the outer shell of habits and systems just doesn’t fit us anymore.

We shed our shell.

We then walk around exposed, vulnerable, and need a bit of shelter while a new shell forms to protect us.

With each stage of growth, we’re like the lobster, shedding our protective structures, feeling vulnerable in the limbo stage.

With each stage, we’re left a bit tender and exposed, but also capable of stretching and growing in new ways.

As we grow into our next phase, we always ALWAYS end up with new, stable, protective structures for ourselves.

Each new phase brings a stable period in which we can develop a relative sense of ease, grace, confidence, and balance.

For you success-oriented women, especially in sales of any kind, come find the protective structures for your next stage of growth in this unique 90-minute training to shed Imposter Syndrome and develop your new structure of support!

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