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What I Read This Summer 2019

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This week on Her Rules Radio I give you the rundown of my favorite books from this summer. From entrepreneurship, personal growth, creative productivity, and a great deal of “fluffy fiction,” it’s a fun mix of great reads!

Listen on iTunes to the quick review of all 25 books here:

Start Finishing by Charlie Gilkey, Mary Magdalene Revelaed by Meggan Watterson, Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, Art Matters by Neil Gaiman and many more…

I hear about books from friends, podcasts, and often dive into when I’m curious about a topic.

I often “borrow” books using the Libby and Overdrive Apps. Both require a local library card, which you connect to the app. You can then look up and download ebooks and audio books for free, or place a hold and they’ll be delivered to your device when it’s your turn.

I buy used books using the ThriftBooks app when I want a physical copy. is my other favorite place for used and new books. I also sell my books back to Powells using their website. I live in Brooklyn, NY and don’t have a ton of storage space for all the books I read! So I go through and get rid of books a few times a year. You can enter the ISBN from your books at and they’ll buy them back from you. You just ship them to Powells with their pre-paid shipping label and I always get credit on their website.

Finally, I belong to KindleUnlimited which costs $9.99 a month. I go through my “fluffy fiction” pretty fast, so this makes sense for me. I also know that those authors do get paid by the page count I read, which feels good.

How I keep track of my books for notes and cross referencing:

For the non-fiction books, I like to take notes. I use Evernote and quote passages or write inspirations I get from the reading. Then I can tag passages for future reference. I use tags like coaching, growth mindset, courage, confidence, creativity, and marketing. I know some people use Google Docs for this, but Evernote’s tagging system is easier for me. Also, Evernote’s phone app is easier for me to use and I listen on-the-go a lot.

In no particular order, here are the books I read this summer on the Her Rules Radio podcast: