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Where is my life? Maybe at the bottom of this ice cream pint…

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Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


I’ve been talking with a lot of you over the last three weeks –

those of you who took me up on my offer for a free 25-minute chat –

and here is what I heard over and over and OVER again:


I’m stuck

I’m constantly thinking about my weight and food

I don’t know what’s right for me

There is too much information out there – what should I try first?

I just want my life and my food to be easy

I want to be better organized

I crave sugar – every day

I want to fit into my clothes again

I want to start living again


You just want to feel good, have enough energy to live your life, and not be obsessed with your body anymore.

But it isn’t just your food that’s holding you stuck in place – it’s also the way you think about food and

who you are being when you eat.


Imagine living your life, free from the stresses of food, enjoying your body, and using all that mental energy

to go after your passions, have adventures with your family, and get that thing you’ve always wanted…

You’ve been seeking a way out of the crushing, swirling thoughts and self-doubt, and looking at the bottom

of the chip bag or ice cream pint for an answer and comfort.

It’s not down there.


Believe, me – I looked.


My weight and my health were in a dangerous place 12 years ago – and it was a sane, food-based, detox program that

got me back on track …within a few days.


Now I want to guide you through my proprietary 5-week program so that you can learn:


which foods give you energy,

what your food cravings really mean, and how to deal with them

how to improve your sleep so you feel rested and alert

how to start loving your body and feeling good in your own skin

and even, finally, lose the weight in a sane way – by actually having some fun!


If you’re ready to join me, and the women who have already signed up, go here and register.


If you’re not sure, reserve your seat here for my free introductory call, this Thursday night at 9pm ET,

where I’ll share my best tools and strategies for feeling good and enjoying your summer, fast.


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Here to support and cheerlead for Team You!