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Together, we’ll shift the way you feel in and about your body, reconnect you with your circuit of inner aliveness and strength, and start the beautiful process of creating your dream life. All with my expert guidance, support, and fierce mama bear love.

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Craving a

For You: The Craving Cleanse

Feel better in your body and rewire your thinking so that you feel more positive, empowered, and able to manage any challenge life brings… including cravings!


  • 8 online coaching sessions
  • Menu Plan + Shopping Guide + 3 cookbooks
  • Guidance through a gentle yet powerful food cleanse
  • A private Facebook group for on-demand support
  • Lifetime access

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You’re Ready
to wake up

For You: The Wake Up Happy Collective

Get delightful monthly guidance and inspiration on how to cultivate more positivity, self-compassion and confidence every single day.


  • 1 monthly guided meditation
  • 1 monthly live coaching session
  • 1 monthly power question to journal about
  • A private Facebook group to connect with other members

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Community &

For You: The Vitality Mentorship

Join a select group of 15 women for a year’s worth of epic connection and community building


  • 2 monthly private coaching calls
  • 2 monthly group coaching session
  • Private email access
  • 2-day retreat in NYC
  • A private Facebook group for on-demand support + connection
  • Lifetime access to The Craving Cleanse

Open September 2017


For You: Private Coaching

Receive my undivided attention and personalized guidance on how to cultivate a deep appreciation for your body, to fully shift into a positive mindset, and much more!


  • Weekly private coaching calls (Skype or phone)
  • Personalized food and lifestyle planning
  • Hand-crafted half-day retreat in NYC with Alex(travel not included)
  • Private email access

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Join us for a 14-day adventure to change everything about how you feel in, and about, your body...

We respect your privacy. We will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address.

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The next Cravings Cleanse & Mindset Makeover starts September 2016.

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