Alex is available for speaking engagements and cooking demonstrations for events nationwide. Her engaging, dynamic approach and passion about the role of nutrition into the lives of busy professionals has made her a popular speaker over the last 10 years in venues that include:

  • The American Heart Association
  • Rutger’s University
  • PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Go Green Expo
  • Carleton College
  • University of Oregon
  • Holistic Moms National Conference
  • Health Freedom Expo
  • New Living Expo

Alex is passionate about holistic healing, how nutrition affects mood and overall health, and how busy professionals can make the time to enjoy healthy meals and make time for positive change in their lives. She is also vocal on the politics of our food choices and the reasons for becoming involved in the local, organic food movement.

Alex has previously spoken on nourishing your well of passion and creative power; discovering food that fuels your life goals; and moving beyond diet and weight issues to find foods that heal the body.

Some sample seminar topics include:

  • Nutrition Secrets to Help You Stand Out, Get Noticed, and Succeed: Connecting your nutrition to your personal and professional vision
  • Recharge, Refresh, and Reboot!: 8 Steps to healthy, convenient detoxing for passionate career women
  • Eating Your Way to a Pain-free Body: Nutritional healing for women tired of feeling held back by pain and ready to rejoin the land of the living
  • Getting That Glow: How holistic nutrition can transform your looks and help you feel your best
  • Fun, Interactive Quick ‘N Healthy Cooking Demonstrations for On-the-Go Living

To schedule a speaking engagement with Alex, please contact

Sean Lawton
College & University Division
Keppler Speakers

3030 Clarendon Blvd., 7th Floor
Arlington, VA 22201
703.516.4894 direct line  703.516.4819 fax