The Power Of Touch: Mindset Makeover Day 7

It’s the final day of the #MindsetMakeover + I’m sharing my favorite tool from Positive Psychology.

The power of touch.


Touch is our 1st sense, and a HUGE ally in creating a healthy, flourishing life + strong relationships.

In our modern culture we are TOUCH STARVED and often get very little physical interaction or affection. But we need it to feel well, whole, and connected.

Baby animals that are removed from their mama or siblings don’t thrive + develop emotional trouble later. It’s the same for people. “Kangaroo care” is now used for preemie babies – skin to skin contact on an adult chest for hours a day helps tiny babies thrive + put on weight.

We give lots of love and hugs, pats, and hand holding affection to our kids, because we know they need it to feel loved. But for adults it’s harder to ask for touch, massage, hugs, or physical intimacy.

But we think as adults we don’t need as much love + touch. WE DO!

When we get enough touch, hugs + physical intimacy in our day, we are healthier, happy, and less likely to emotionally binge. Hug someone today! CLICK TO TWEET THIS!

Today I’m going to challenge you to get 8 hugs of at least 5 seconds each. A hug has the power to calm your nervous system, reduce blood pressure, and reduce emotional food cravings!

Thank you for taking part in this peek into 7-days of #positivepsychology with me. I’ll be using MORE tools from this science based approach in my next 8-Week Cravings Cleanse, which opens for registration Friday!

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Show us your strengths! Mindset Makeover Day 6

Day 6 of the #MindsetMakeover – Share Your Strengths!

Show us your strengths! A great tool from positive psychology to get us out of negativity bias? Build + broaden your strengths...A wonderful remedy for emotional eating.

Show us your strengths! A great tool from positive psychology to get us out of negativity bias? Build + broaden your strengths…A wonderful remedy for emotional eating.

The human brain is wired for “negativity bias” – we look for things that have gone wrong, or COULD go wrong, so that we don’t do them and maybe die.

And when our brains are stuck in a negative thought loop, emotional eating for comfort and relaxation come one like wildfire.

Research from Positive Psychology suggests that the most successful (and happy) people start with a strong talent + then add skills, knowledge + practice into the mix.

We’ll be healthier + happier if we build on our authentic selves–who we already are–starting with our strengths. CLICK TO TWEET THIS! 

BUT a lot of people are usually unaware of their own strengths. I have seen this truth confirmed time + again in my work with clients at various stages of their healing journey.

So here is a simple way to discover one of your top strengths:


One of my strengths is humor.

Other strengths that might resonate with you include leadership, gratitude, love, love of learning, spirituality, curiosity, creativity…make up your own!

Share your strengths below, take a picture of yourself with a sign like mine and post on Instagram or Facebook!

Tomorrow is the last day of this #mindsetmakeover – then I’ve got a BIG announcement to share with you!!

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Play like a kid! How to get more fun than just food in your life.

Day 5 of the #MindsetMakeover = PLAY LIKE A KID!

The 8-week Cravings Cleanse opens in a few days – and I want to share the mindset tools that make diet + food + healing easy.


When you have more #fun in your day, play more, + seek out more pleasure, your body feels great, and food isn’t the ONLY fun you give yourself! CLICK TO TWEET THIS! 

Seriously – you can’t just change your food, right?

You gotta upgrade your thoughts about food, your body, and life – if you want a fun, happy life, its time to start playing more.

That’s why I’m giving you tested daily mindset tools from Positive Psychology to show you the power of your thoughts when it comes to getting the body & life you desire.

Today I want you to play like a kid!

PLAY is proven to boost positive emotions, motivation, curiosity, and the neurotransmitters that help us love ourselves.

Play is a great and free way to feel a sense of joy + delight in what you do – and it’s not just for kids!

My FAVORITE way to play? Wearing my hot pink roller skates and skating with a friend.

Play releases dopamine, endorphins, and helps you get into a state of mental flow where you focus, stay engaged, and learn to manage distraction.

How can you play like a kid again?

1. MAKE TIME: schedule 1 hour today JUST for play time
2. DECLUTTER A PLAY SPACE OR GO OUTSIDE: try not to rely on specific toys, unless you’re going to play an instrument or get into an art project – but make it playful! Let your creative energies flow rather than finish something or trying to master a new piece.
3. FOCUS ON PLAY, NOT OUTCOME: don’t look for results. Play can have a flow/dream-like quality which is good for your brain + body.

Enjoy your play day!
Tag a friend + ask them to come play with you!
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Write it, Don’t Eat it: Gratitude Adjustment

Day 4 of the Mindset Makeover!

I’m sharing some of the best Positive Psychology tools for 7-days to help you experience your greatness, and to feel that  you are worthy of the self-care, life, and vitality that you dream about – because, honey, you are!


Write a gratitude letter, and enjoy a cozy moment for yourself to thank a great person in your life. I like to write with tea, green juice, lots of pens, and of course my cat, The Boy Named Sue, AKA Kitty Sue.

Write a “gratitude letter,” a kind of belated thank-you note to someone who has had a big impact on your life.

Detail the kindnesses, lessons, or support that person offered you and what it enabled in your life.

They can be alive or dead, and you can send it to them, read it to them in person or over the phone after it’s done, or just write it and experience the good vibes of gratitude as they flow.

Studies show that writing these letters give long-lasting mood boosts to the writer.

Traumatic experiences and negative memories tend to fade into the background for people who try these positive psychology techniques.

And when we feel better about our lives, strengths, and our relationships, emotionally charged binge eating tends to diminish, and we treat ourselves better with self-care and food choices. CLICK TO TWEET!

ONE THOUGHT: don’t do it if you don’t really feel it.

Forcing yourself to feel gratitude, when it’s not there, doesn’t make you feel any better. In fact, it can make you feel worse. If the gratitude juice isn’t flowing in you today, try writing about an experience that meant a lot to you, or about a time when you used your strengths and felt really strong in yourself. This will reconnect you with your innate gifts and feel just as good.

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I want to know how this was for you! Share your experience in the comments below. xo, Alex

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23 Esther Blum – The Importance of Saying No to Guilt, Shame & Fear around Food

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra JamiesonThe “Diet Industrial Complex” culture leads us to name how we eat, join eating plans and wear shirts declaring our positions.

Is all of this really helping us?

Is it helping our bodies or our health?

Today I bring to you Esther Blum. Esther is a registered dietician, holistic nutritionist and author of the best selling books like Eat, Drink and Be GorgeousSecrets of Gorgeous and The Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous Project.

I talk with Esther about how we can avoid getting sucked into definitions about food and how we can change our relationship with the rules, labels and the confusion around food.

Let’s indulge in the physical pleasure of human experience, human health and vanquish food guilt once and for all.

And I’m so excited to welcome my new podcast sponsor, Perfect Supplements! I use their Cordyceps and Natural Calm Magnesium all the time – and am thrilled to partner with them to bring you the show.

As a special offer to my “clan of the crave bears” and listeners, Perfect Supplements is offering 10% off your order when you use the discount code CRAVE10 at check out! Click here to get your goodies!

You can Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher or TuneIn

“It’s about listening to what your body wants and what your body needs.”  (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • The story behind how Alex and Esther met
  • Esther’s struggles after having a child
  • On the importance of honoring what our bodies are telling us
  • Why today’s food culture creates challenges to hearing our own bodies
  • The power of support groups
  • Unveiling fear of the unknown and of death
  • Esther’s journey into nutrition
  • How working in every kind of hospital condition instilled daily gratitude
  • Why despite 6 years of education, Esther learned nothing about healing people
  • Lessons from Robert Crayhon, Esther’s most cherished mentor
  • How 9/11 caused Esther to move her private practice into Perricones Spa
  • Pleasure, the greatest nutrient of all
  • On celebrating our choices and how this is our individual responsibility

“We always have to remind ourselves of abundance.”  (Click to Tweet)

  • YES… It’s a mindset shift!
  • The foundational principles around pleasure… Hint: Sitting quietly whilst eating
  • How to remind yourself before every meal that you are enough
  • The difficulties around pleasure if we do not feel worthy
  • What is the mental pretzel?
  • The importance of an indulgence meal and being human
  • How Esther deals with her clients cravings and food addictions
  • Why chocolate and booze are a great craving solution
  • Great ideas to help diminish your cravings
  • How to boost your brain biochemistry and get more intimate… What? Steak and Nuts?
  • You got it! A healthy gut means a healthy immune system!
  • The power of socializing and spending quality time with friends
  • Emotions, oxytocin and pets… It’s true what they say about a man’s best friend!
  • Creating awareness around our touch starved culture
  • On the benefits of going to conferences
  • Why safety regulations dehumanize
  • Esther’s belief that there is an inverse correlation between computer time and pleasure
  • Healing properties of bone broth, and why it is Esther’s 1 change this year
  • Bone broth recipe… Cook low and slow (36:41)
  • How getting the right nutrients from bone broth is the base of the 4 root causes of cravings

“I try to do one positive change a year in my life. That’s it. Just one.”  (Click to Tweet)

Links Mentioned:

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Books Mentioned:

“There’s so much guilt & food shaming around our choices rather than just celebrating our choices.”  (Click to Tweet)

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