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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

I’m back, crave bears! I took a week off for summer vacation – something I highly recommend you try! I just returned from a week in Costa Rica, where the fiancé and I learned to surf at Surf Simply.

But something else happened on my vacation, involving Jane Pratt of XO Jane (who I love!) that really has me thinking about intuition and trusting your gut.

Sometimes it can be hard to trust ourselves, to listen to our bodies, especially through the din of our own cravings! Not to mention the fact that society and modern medicine have convinced many of us ladies that we can’t trust our own bodies.

But we can! And I want to help you get back in touch with your gut, so you can be better attuned to your intuition. Take a listen to today’s episode to hear some tips for grow and trust your intuition. And head over here to download the packet I just assembled all about intuition!

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Show Notes:

  • What fear I faced on vacation last week!
  • Why the idea of following your gut has been so strong lately
  • Why intuition has been on my mind lately
  • There are things you can do to grow and trust your intuition better
  • Why we should listen to ourselves and trust our bodies
  • What happens when you trust your body and intuition
  • You have to heal your gut so you can better hear your intuition

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  • How gut feelings are like cravings
  • How we’ve been taught to distrust our own bodies
  • The message women receive from society
  • Why you should stop eating the toxic 6 for a week and start taking probiotics
  • You have to practice feeling what it feels like when your body is telling you something
  • What is the yes/no exercise

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3 ways to grow your intuition, heal your gut + listen to your body better

In this final of three parts on how to listen to your body and grow your intuition,

Today’s exercise is a guided meditation I’ve recorded that you can listen to in order to feel what your body is saying on an even deeper level:

Body Love Meditation

I recommend that you set aside 15 minutes to close your eyes in a quiet place, listen to this without interruption, and experience what a loving connection with your body can be like.

For part 2 of this series, the YES/NO exercise, go here:
Yes/No Exercise

Click here to order your special gluten-free certified probiotics
to help you repopulate and heal your gut with the right microflora necessary for intestinal health.

certified gluten-free!
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3 steps to trust your body + grow your intuition. Step 2: Yes/No Exercise

When I talk about “listening to your cravings” or “following your desires” you might think I’m a little out there…

…but I truly believe, and have experienced first hand, that when you listen to your body, and follow what you “hear” or feel, you treat yourself better, feel more empowered, aligned, and trust yourself more.Honoring your cravings is akin to listening to your intuition.

These are all messages from your body, your soul, your higher power, whatever you believe in, that are pulling you towards a stronger place in life.So I’ve created this 3 part series to help you focus on how to grow your intuition, as the benefits are the same as listening to your cravings…You will have a stronger connection with, and love for, your body.And your gut is the place to start, as I detailed in part one of this series.

Order your gluten-free probiotics here for gut healing:

Intuition gets stronger with practice, once your gut is healed.
Because the health of your gut plays such a strong part in your ability to hear your body’s intuition,
healing the gut, as I shared yesterday, is the first step in strengthening your intuition.

Gut-level mastery is born from consistent awareness and action taken upon that awareness.
The more you listen to your gut, act based on what you’ve heard, and practice, the stronger your sense of self becomes.

You will free and doubt your body less because you are listening to, and trusting her.

Today’s lesson on how to grow your intuition: Yes/No exercise

download your Intuition E-Guide here: 

grow your intuition

1. Close your eyes and feel what a YES feels like.

Think of your FAVORITE person, place, or memory.
Really envision them, or the moment that you love.

Now ask your body: Is this one of the best people or place in my life?
(this should elicit a YES response from your body)

Now write down what you felt in your body when it “said” YES to you:

Perhaps you feel a warm surge in your tummy, a rush of tingles through your chest, heat in your head,
or shivers down your thighs.

This is one way your body tells you that something is good, or to say YES to something.

2. Close your eyes and feel what a NO feels like.

Think of an injustice in the world, something that you would change if you could.
A moment or event that made you angry or incensed.

Now ask your body: Can I stand for this in the world?
(this should elicit a NO response from your body)

Now write down what you felt in your body when it “said” NO to you.

Maybe you felt a sinking feeling in your gut, a wave of prickles through your chest, heat in your throat,
or pain somewhere.

This is one way your body tells you something is wrong, or how it says NO to something.

As you can see, or maybe you felt this too, your gut is often involved with these Yes/No questions.
Your gut is a part of your intuitive system, and when it is healthy, happy and moving properly,
(as opposed to bloated, constipated, or pained) it will more clearly be your intuitive guide.

Today, I invite you to practice asking YES/NO questions and hearing your body’s response:
will the left-hand elevator come before the right-hand elevator?
Am I going to arrive at the restaurant before my friend?
Do I have time to catch my train even though it looks like I might miss it?

Ask these questions through the day, and notice what your body tells you.
As this may be the first time you’ve narrowed your focus onto your intuition, it might feel clunky at first.
But be assured: the more you ask and listen, the sharper your skills at hearing what your body is telling you becomes.

Be sure to order my favorite gluten-free certified probiotics this week,
to help you repopulate and heal your gut with the right microflora necessary for intestinal health and stronger intuition.

In the comments below, share your YES/No experience and what you discover as you begin to test and listen to your “gut brain!”

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3 steps to trust your body + grow your intuition. Step 1: Heal your gut.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear and trust your body all the time? To feel like you’re on the same team?

When we love and trust our bodies, listen to our feelings, instincts, pangs, and whispers…
…both physical, and emotional…
…we get strong.

We shine.

We stop saying yes to things we don’t want, and start taking powerful action in ways that serve
ourselves and the world.

This is a 3-part series on how to trust your body and grow your intuition.


I have been asking and listening to what you want…
You want to feel free, peaceful, and strong in (and about) your body.

And this is such a beautiful path into a happy and healthy life:

When you trust your body and follow your intuition, you feel stronger about yourself,
and it’s the first step to reclaiming your body.

Today is Step #1:
Heal Your Gut, So You Can Better Hear What It’s Saying

Your gut (digestion, stomach, intestines) literally feeds your gut feelings and intuition.
Butterflies in your stomach, nervous knots, and a “gut feeling” are all signs from your
“second brain” to tune in and pay attention.

Gut feelings are like cravings: they are just messages we can choose to hear and take powerful action on.

But we don’t.

We have been trained, told, and scolded into NOT paying attention to our guts.
And when we are out of touch with our intuition we become paralyzed.
Making decisions becomes horrible and tedious.
We end up doing endless complicated analysis, factoring in every possible aspect,
and it takes us days to make up our minds.

And even when we do make a choice, we second guess ourselves.
It’s exhausting!

It’s hard to listen to your intuition:
1. The current medical establishment has told you your concerns are wrong, you worry too much, and we women are woefully undereducated about our bodies
2. Society tells us we are “too emotional” “worry too much” and just too ____. That means we stop listening to our bodies and intuition shuts down.
3. Our health gets compromised with low energy, gut health impairment, hormonal upset, and a poor diet of inflammatory foods which leave us:
– in constant pain + discomfort…and unable to hear our intuition/gut
– bloated, constipated, and carrying the “spare tire” of stress fat that makes us hate our bodies…and unable to hear our body and intuition/gut.

So this week, I’ll focus three emails (and Friday’s podcast) on how to listen to your body, and strengthen and grow your intuition.

Today is Step #1:
Heal your gut.

Your gut-brain is your intuitive brain and emotional brain, and contains almost as many neurotransmitters as your head-brain.
Your gut is responsible for most of the serotonin production in your body, a neurotransmitter important to balanced mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning.

If you have a history of gut troubles like IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain, or food sensitivities, healing your gut is important for your health and strengthening your intuition.

  1. Stop eating the Toxic 6 for 1 week: corn, soy, gluten, dairy, sugar, and caffeine

    1. These foods are highly inflammatory and impair digestion, and cause leaky gut syndrome in many people.
    2. When you remove these foods the inflamed tissues can repair and digestion can return to normal.
  2. Start taking twice daily doses of probiotics (make sure your probiotics are gluten-free!! Try my favorite here: http://alexandrajamieson.com/probiotic-cleanse/) to repopulate the gut with healing and calming microflora

    1. A major story on supplements in the NYTimes uncovered hidden gluten contamination in more than 1/2 of all probiotics!
    2. Gluten is one of the top gut killers, so it’s important to remove it completely in order to heal your GI tract as you strengthen your intuitive practices.

certified gluten-free!

Here is a quote on why we should trust our intuition more, from one of my favorite actors of all time:

“At times you have to leave the city of

Healing your gut is the first step to a stronger intuition, not to mention better moods, and a happier tummy.

The next step will help you begin to hear your gut and intuition more, with a special guided meditation.

For today, eat toxic-free foods, and order your probiotics!


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51 Why Other People Matter To Your Weight Loss

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

There’s a new adventure on the horizon, crave bears.

Do you know how important relationships are to you and your health? Did you know that working out with a buddy can make it more fun, make you work harder, and sustain activity for longer? Other people matter!

There’s a study that says you are the five people you spend the most time with. So why not spend time with powerful, awesome women who inspire you and are working towards the same goals?

Today I’m telling you all about the Women, Food and Desire 14 Day Challenge. Starting on August 17th, I’ll be leading a group of ladies in activities, some requiring only ten minutes, some requiring a few hours, to encourage self care and community. We’ll all be supporting each other along the way during this two week journey.

I’d love for you to come join us. Head here to learn more about the challenge and sign up! I’ll see you there.

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Show Notes:

  • The correlation between our relationships and our health
  • What is the most important predictor of successful aging
  • The benefits of exercising with others
  • Why we need to put a human face on activities we want to do
  • How others can help you get unstuck
  • What are mirror neurons?

There are studies that show that you are the five people you hang out with the most.”  (Click to Tweet)

  • How to switch up some of your routines
  • What is the 14 day challenge?
  • Why do the challenge?
  • How to honor what your body is asking for
  • What are self care activities
  • What is a pleasure playdate?

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