21 Danielle LaPorte – Revealing the Truth about Core Ambitions

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Dreams, bucket lists, goals, strategic plans, new years resolutions… It’s a lot of work right?

I’m not a huge fan…

I do love envisioning and looking into the future and I want this year to be full of intention.

Do you?

Please welcome my next guest, Danielle LaPorte.  Danielle is the creator of The Desire Map. She is the bestselling author of The Firestarter Sessions and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan.  She inspires the world with her public speaking and poetry, but it’s not all about the arts for her.

As a former think tank executive and business strategist. She is force to be reckoned with.

Today, I invite you to go with Danielle through her heart and body to reveal the truth about ambition.

It’s time to get soul rooted desires into our lifestyle, wellness goals, creativity and relationships. Today we let it touch every part of our lives.


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Show Notes:

  • Danielle’s philosophy
  • What are your core desired feelings?
  • Domains and the beauty of their existence
  • How coaches use her framework
  • The difference between how did that feel and how do we want to feel
  • Making revolutionary plans that are heart centered
  • Danielle shares her personal CDF
  • The umbrella of freedom that everybody desires
  • Setting goals and how to order the practice
  • Are we going for ‘shit’ that we don’t truly want?
  • Infant programming… how we’ve been trained

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  • Getting clear with Danielle’s dream analysis
  • Practice and the importance of learning to trust
  • How self love helps make you take more risks
  • All the super juicy surprises with all things Desire Map
  • The success of Desire Map workshops.. and where it all started
  • Desire Map as a Global Movement
  • The benefits of being a licensee
  • Why every yoga teacher needs to integrate DM workshops into there practice
  • Team Danielle and how it stays fueled up
  • The liberation of permission
  • The beginning of Danielle’s business in a box

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Life before Death. Strength and Courage. Finding Meaning.

Resilience, Rethinking your thinking traps, meaning, Post Traumatic Growth

Resilience, Rethinking your thinking traps, meaning, Post Traumatic Growth

I believe in life before death. 

In my past, I forgot to appreciate what was true and real, and forgot to enjoy the moment, enjoy what I had.

I see in my clients, who I now think the Universe brings to me to mirror my own journey, the same struggles:

We work too much, eat too much, diet too much, deprive ourselves of fun too much, drink too much, shop too much, try to please others too much. And still there’s this hunger inside us that goes unfed.

How are you living your life today, now, in this moment?
What do you desire, crave, yearn for that you could have NOW?

What are you putting off, sweetie pie?
Why wait? 

Life is for YOU. Today. Now.


My mission is to help people (mainly women, but yes, some awesome dudes, as well) accept and love themselves back to health. To help people focus and build on their strengths as a way to heal and find meaning in life. To help us all learn skilled resilience.

To turn away from what I call the “Diet Industrial Complex” which has us hating our bodies, ignoring our desires, and shaming each other.

Join me – www.WomenFoodAndDesire.com 

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3 Ways To Turn Your Cravings Into Your Spiritual To-Do List

What if your cravings were your allies, instead of something to war against?

What if the messages from your body, for food, sleep, sexual intimacy, movement, and inspiration, were showing you the happiest, healthiest path forward in your unique life?

Women, Food And Desire helps you uncover the wisdom in your body's messages

Women, Food And Desire helps you uncover the wisdom in your body’s messages

After working for over 12 years with nutrition clients around the globe, I’ve seen that the best way to help people create a diet and lifestyle that gets them the energy and body they desire is to listen to their body and cravings.


Cravings come from four root sources: bacterial, nutritional, emotional, and physical. Bacterial imbalance in the digestive system can cause raging sugar cravings to feed the yeasts and fungi that need carbohydrates to survive. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies lead the body to crave foods that provide a burst of energy, or a reliable hit of missing nutrients. Emotional cravings for joy, connection, and calm can result in yearnings for sugar and fat to help calm the physical manifestations of fear, anger, and anxiety. As human-animals, we forget that our bodies are designed to thrive with consistent, enlivening movement. And we are built to seek physical pleasure. But our sedentary, physically disconnected lifestyle keeps us from touching each other, or finding joy in moving our bodies.


We have been enculturated or “brainwashed” out of connection with our body, and feel ashamed of our desires and cravings. The overlap between sensual pleasures from food and companionship get us twisted into knots and we replace food for real intimacy.


After my divorce, I finally began listening to my own body’s cravings for meat, after being a strict vegan for over ten years, and my cravings for physical connection and intimacy with a lover. Rather than judging myself for breaking dietary and cultural rules about what is appropriate for a young mother and health coach to eat and experience, I listened to my body and gave “her” what she was asking for: men, and meat.


As I’ve coached hundreds of women in the last few years to start listening to their own bodies, I’ve seen joyous results in healing and lives transformed: and end to physical pain and a lifetime of body shame, new career possibilities followed, and marriages transformed.


Our bodies speak our truth to us, in subtle, and not-so subtle ways, every moment. Our minds are filled with other people’s agendas, religious rules, and media-induced judgments about how we should look, love, and live. We need to begin listening to the wisdom that emanates from our own bodies. Your body does not lie. It is incapable of invention. Be willing to listen in, and discover what your cravings really mean.

Top 3 Ways To Turn Your Cravings Into Your To-Do List

  1. Next time you have a food craving, stop and close your eyes: what is your body wanting right now, besides food? Are you tired? Stressed? Frustrated? Angry? What is your desired state of being? What can you do besides eat to feel rested, relaxed, or hopeful? Do that now.
  2. When choosing your next meal, take into account how you want to feel over the next twelve hours. If you need to be focused, try eating lean protein and cooked greens. If you need to be creative and outgoing, what foods will help you get into that headspace? If you want to feel calm, and relaxed, perhaps it’s best to avoid the sugary cupcake and instead try chamomile tea with a baked apple and cinnamon. The key here is to eat foods that will help you feel how you want to feel, in a healthy way.
  3. Write down the top 10 things you desire for your life in 2015. Now circle the three most frightening or challenging and take action on the one that you know would get you closer to creating your big life’s vision.
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Sweet Potato Pudding – gluten-free pudding recipe, dairy-free pudding recipe, vegan pudding recipe

Sweet Potato Pudding


Yield: 1 serving

  • 2 Red Garnet sweet potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • pinch cinnamon
  • pinch pink Himalayan salt
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 400F. Wrap potatoes in foil and cook for 60 minutes. Remove from oven to cool.

2. Peel skins with a pairing knife and place flesh in a food processor. Add maple syrup, cinnamon, pink Himalayan salt and vanilla extract. Process for 10 seconds, scrape sides and process 10 more seconds.

3. Enjoy!

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20 How to Crave Exercise – Start Moving with Mantras and Erin Stutland

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

We all get stressed out about moving, exercising and working out.

Am I working out enough? Am I doing it the best way that I can? How do I get motivated?

Here is how to make it fun!

Today let’s set a new intention around movement. Movement should be fun.

Erin Stutland joins us to discuss moving meditation. She is a life coach, a fitness expert and the creator of the online program The Shrink Session.

In this episode we explore how to let go of perfection and dance like no-one is watching.

The truth is that it’s all about permission. Permission to make mistakes and realize it’s no big deal.

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Show Notes:

  • Everything about the love of dance
  • How mindset saved Erin’s mother from cancer
  • Artistic expression and how to continuously create new ideas through fitness
  • What healing modalities can do to support your mind and body
  • The organic journey into mindfulness meditation
  • Being a teenager and dealing with her mother’s diagnosis
  • The natural and formal progression into life coaching
  • The benefits of working with coaches and learning new tools
  • How the success of Erin’s first workshop grew her leadership and coaching skills
  • The beauty of The Movement – Give back. Move forward.
  • My personal insight into Erin’s ‘Shrink Session’
  • The benefits of removing the pressure and… Just Moving!

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  • The correlation between challenges and running away
  • How movement and mantras empower us
  • The beauty of being present and alive in your body
  • The progression of movement
  • Why it’s not a surprise people have negative beliefs around movement
  • Weight loss and why it’s so un-inspiring
  • On the power of changing your connection and intention
  • Bring on Empowerment!
  • The reality of pairing affirmations and movement
  • The struggles we have with meditation and our slippery minds
  • How important it is for these words to get into your body, muscles and cells
  • Erin’s programs, products and free trials
  • The power of what movement does to the brain and our work productivity
  • Good news…. Changing your body can be a commitment of moving your body for just 5 minutes everyday

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