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Hi, I’m Alexandra Jamieson… You can call me Alex.
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I’m the wellness
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Play by your own rules

You’ve landed here because…

You’re a driven entrepreneur with a creative spirit that feels stuck. You’re a womxn on a mission, but feel unclear, even though you’ve had some major success already.

You’re on the verge of a big shift, but can’t see where you’re about to leap to. 

You’re about to create something new, which thrills and terrifies you. Inside you is the Risk Taker. The Rule Breaker. The Change Maker.

You want it all. The life you’ve pieced together in your mind, a gorgeous tapestry of joy, adventure, impact, creativity, connections, abundance, and confident authenticity. That’s the life you desire – the entire feast. Your way.

  • You have a creative vision inside you, itching to get out, but the Imposter Syndrome is loud and constant.
  • You crave to feel strong, peaceful, confident, and acknowledged for your unique contributions and way of thinking, but struggle to reconnect with your self-worth.
  • Your Art (your business ideas, book, podcast, or craft) needs space in your life, and to be launched into reality, but your boundaries with time, work, and responsibilities aren’t clear enough. 
  • The lack of clarity and consistent action toward your heart-and-soul creative desires feels like a heavy weight – and the regret of “time’s wasting” is getting to you.
  • Your self-nourishment gets little-to-no priority, and the energy you need to make that big move just isn’t there. (And no amount of coffee will fix it.)
  • You just know you could make more money with your Art if you had more alignment, focus and that ever-illusive “Authenticity” thing on point….

You want to Have It All…YOUR way.

You want to show up strong and confident in meetings to present your ideas, rocking your vintage Blondie t-shirt and designer jacket, and strut down the halls in your favorite jeans to the beat of your own Lady GaGa soundtrack. You want to inspire others to live their own authentic way, and know it’s time to start walking your talk in a bigger way.

Feeling proud, shamelessly seen, connected, joyful, respected, playful, and fulfilled.

Putting your voice and Art into the world.. and feeling abundant in the process.

You want to feel free and courageous to live life your way, by your own rules. Where your life is studded with moments of beauty, delight, and your unique take on things is acknowledged.

It’s that moment when you realize… HELL, YES. I’m ME, proudly.

  • As my client, you get clear about your worth, strengths, and deepest desires. You build your confidence and bold bravery to share your Art and work with the world.
  • As my client, you waste less time in analysis paralysis, get moving, start making, and do more with less effort because your intuition and self-trust are so strong. You get into a life-long rhythm and flow. You dance.
  • As my client, you get super clear on your personal boundaries, how to hold and communicate them, so that you feel better supported and loved by your people, spend less time on tasks and to-dos that aren’t your passion, and have way more energy for the things you love.
  • As my client, you fall so hard in love with your true mission and purpose in life that you snap into fierce self-care-commitment, and end the self-sabotaging habits that drain your magic and power.


I LOVE helping womxn connect to their strengths, worth, and desires and take bold action. I love helping womxn make more money with their creativity. When you feel worthy of your desires and begin creating the visions and solutions, a shock-wave of healing energy and transformation is released into the world.

When womxn have more money, agency, and feel capable and worthy to create the solutions in their souls, everyone wins. Families and communities thrive. The world becomes a safer, more equitable place to live.

(damn.. I inspired myself with that last one…)

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