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Play by your own rules

You’ve landed here because
you want ‘that’ life!

The one you’ve pieced together in your mind, a gorgeous tapestry of joy, adventure, impact, connections, and confident authenticity.

That’s the life you desire – the entire feast. You want it all. Your way.

But something’s missing. And what you’re searching for is that vitality you once felt that seems to have been replaced with whole bottles of wine, anxiety-induced sugar-binges, and incessant impostor syndrome. You want it all, but a new version of ALL.

You know the stress snacking is sucking your energy and turns your body into the enemy. Yet you hate being told what to do … and how you’re “supposed” to be. So you rebel against the rules when it comes to how to eat, how to succeed, how to live.

What you really want is to feel strong, peaceful, confident, and acknowledged for your unique contributions and way of thinking.

You want to Have It All…YOUR way.

You want to show up strong and confident in meetings to present your ideas, rocking your vintage Blondie t-shirt and designer jacket, and strut down the halls in your favorite jeans to the beat of your own Lady GaGa soundtrack. You want to inspire others to live their own authentic way, and know it’s time to start walking your talk in a bigger way.

Feeling proud, shamelessly seen, connected, joyful, respected, playful, and fulfilled.

You want to feel free and courageous to live life your way, by your own rules. Where your life is studded with moments of beauty, delight, and your unique take on things is acknowledged.

It’s that moment when you realize… HELL, YES! I’m ME, proudly.

Hi, I’m Alexandra Jamieson… You can call me Alex.
It’s nice to meet you!

I’m the wellness
expert behind
super size me

I’ve been
by oprah

BODY… & my life!”

I’ve written
4 best-selling


I’ve struggled with loving my body and confidently expressing my beliefs. I wore a painful, bulky back-brace for years to correct a spinal deformity. I’ve overcome sugar addiction, insomnia, thyroid, and adrenal issues. I know what it’s like to have a dead sex life and have your husband cheat on you. I’ve been publicly shamed online when I announced that I was no longer vegan. And yet today I feel proud, strong, brave, self-loving, and contribute to the well-being of countless women in an authentic way. Why? Because I finally gave myself permission to play by my own rules, and shamelessly pursue my version of Having It ALL.
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